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Introduction To Writing To Trends

An Introduction to Writing to Trend: A Five-Step Guide

One big benefit of indie publishing is that it’s up to us, as authors, what genre we write in, what niche we explore and which audience we write for. By undertaking our own research and planning, we can identify opportunities to make the most of emerging trends and reader interest in them. So today at ALLi, we're looking at what a ‘trend’ really is, how to identify one that works for you, and how to fulfil the expectations of your readers.
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How To Predict And Profit From Publishing Trends: Image Of Graph Going Up

How to Predict and Profit from Publishing Trends

 Whether you're a firm fan of futurism or you're a little hesitant at the quantity of technology being created, educating yourself on what's to come is important to creating a sustainable business. Four women in the publishing industry who have a keen eye for predicting future trends are Alliance of Independent Authors Director Orna Ross, Joanna Penn, Jane Friedman and Becca Syme. Today, the AskALLi team asks them how they predict and profit from publishing trends. 
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