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Rights Licensing For Indie Authors

The Ultimate Guide to Rights Licensing for Indie Authors

When you start writing, your only concern is getting to the end of your manuscript. Even publishing is a distant concept. But eventually, if you stick at this long enough, the world of rights, translations and selective licensing opens up. The Alliance of Independent Authors’  ran a six month rights program, its aim was to open up the rights industry to indie authors. This is a write up of everything learned during those six months. This is the ultimate guide to selling book rights for indie authors.
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Indie Author Translation Rights Program Session Four

The fall Self-Publishing Advice Conference saw ALLi launch the start of the Indie Author Translation Rights Program. If you missed it, you can catch up with the first installment here, the second installment here, and the third installment here. Today, we’re thrilled to present Indie Author Translation Rights Program session four.
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Pitch Nonfiction For Film Or TV

How to Pitch Your Nonfiction Book for Film or TV

Dream of selling rights for a cinema or TV documentary? If you have a strong idea, perhaps even a completed and published book, that dream could well become reality. You could pitch your nonfiction book for film or TV – but you need to know a few essentials first.
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