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Writing: A Handy Checklist for Self-Editing to Make Your Self-published Book the Best It Can Be & Reduce Your Editor’s Bill

A handy checklist of different ways to self-edit your books more effectively, saving you money on your professional editor’s bills (if you use one), and creating a better experience for your readers – a good quick read for beginner writers and experienced self-publishers

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Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon w/ Jay Artale & Michael La Ronn

Indie Authors Jay Artale and Michael La Ronn co-host our Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon, which offers best practice tips and tools to authors new to Self-Publishing. This show will help you to navigate your self-publishing choices, and provide you with the insights and first-hand experience to help you make informed decisions for yourself.

Each month our hosts will choose a different process along the self-publishing journey and help you to navigate the decisions you need to make in order to become a published author. Topics covered in the series will include writing, editing, book design, book production, book distribution, book marketing, book promotion, and book advertising.

This episode of the Beginners’ Salon will focus on Editing

Our weekly Self-Publishing Advice broadcast is brought to you by ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors. This beginners salon is one of four regular shows, which include a more advanced salon, a member Q&A and a special guest highlight presentation from the Indie Author Fringe, ALLi’s free online author conference.

Find more author advice, tips and tools at our self-publishing advice center, And, if you haven’t already, we invite you to join our organization and become a self-publishing ally. You can do that at Now, go write and publish.

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Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors

Welsh indie author Karl Drinkwater shares his thoughts and recommendations on the many writing and editing apps and tools available to help self-published writers make their work the best they can be. Intuition and human experience combine in successful writing and editing. However, just as chess software can analyse thousands of options per second, software […]

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