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Photo of Lucienne Boyce by historic blue plaque

Opinion: Why Wikipedia isn’t Real Research for your Self-published Historical Novel

British indie author Lucienne Boyce, who writes and self-publishes historical fiction and non-fiction, explains why looking something up on Wikipedia doesn’t count as quality research, and recommends more effective research methods that will add conviction and accuracy when you are writing about the past. (This is an abridged text of the excellent talk that Lucienne […]

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Photo of Piers Alexander in Regency costume

Book Marketing & Promotion: Dressing Up for Authors – Historical Reenactments

Bestselling indie writer Piers Alexander, author of the award-winning historical novel The Bitter Trade, takes to a whole new level the idea of putting yourself in the shoes of your fictitious characters. Your Characters’ Revenge We put our characters through it, don’t we? Bereave them, create obstacles for them, blow them up, confuse them with love triangles, […]

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The historical novelist Helen Hollick

How I Do It: Helen Hollick Shares Her Self-Publishing Success Story

USA Today bestselling historical novelist Helen Hollick is a great example of a hybrid author – trade-published (in the USA) and self-published (in the UK). A champion for indie authors everywhere, she is renowned for her generosity to other writers. She is a great role model for anyone seeking to embrace the freedoms offered by […]

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