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Publishing Advice: 12 Top Tips on Setting Ebook Prices

Many self-publishing authors often wonder how to price their ebooks, especially when they’re launching their first one. Round pounds/dollars/Euros or something-point-99? Or should it be something-point-95 for Euros, because 1c coins are getting increasingly rare, as their value is so small? Established authors of multiple authors also wonder whether, when and how often to change […]

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Watchdog: Ebook Distribution Takes a Leap Forward

ALLi Watchdog Giacomo Giammatteo shares exciting news about some great new features to be offered by ebook distributors that will benefit all indie authors who used them to sell their self-published books. . Publishing Is Changing, And Ebook Distribution Is Changing With It It wasn’t long ago that self-published authors faced a never-ending list of […]

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