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Book Formats

Book Formats and Distribution With Dan Parsons and Melissa Addey: Beginners Self-Publishing Podcast

In today's Beginners Self-Publishing Podcast: book formats and distribution. When average readers discuss the book trade, many tend to have a one-track mind focused on print books and physical bookstores. The truth, though, is that books have much more potential in terms of formats and distribution. In this episode, ALLi Product Marketing Manager Dan Parsons and Campaigns Manager Melissa Addey lead a discussion on the range of intellectual property assets an author can create from a single book, and the places they can distribute, covering everything from large print to digital audiobooks, and libraries to pay-as-you-go reading apps.
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How to Publish an eBook

While print books have been the backbone and primary format for traditional publishing for... well, forever, that's not the case for indies. Typically, indie authors are digital first, focused on ebook sales and then audio and print next. So how do you actually publish an ebook? The Alliance of Independent Authors extends thanks to Linh Thoi for her contributions to this post. This is how to publish an ebook.
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