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Top Tips On Writing A Book – From The Latest Ask ALLi Self-publishing Beginners’ Salon Podcast (May 2018)

Top Tips on Writing a Book – from the Latest Ask ALLi Self-publishing Beginners’ Salon Podcast (May 2018)

askalli-podcast-squares2Welcome to AskALLi, the self-publishing advice podcast from the Alliance of Independent Authors. This week it’s our monthly beginners’ self-publishing salon with advice, tips, and tools for indie authors just starting out.



Topics discussed this week include:

  • Writing nonfiction – Jyotsna recommends writing something related to your profession as your very first book. Above all, though, be clear about the reason you’re writing the book.
  • Writing fiction – Iain says the first book should be your passion project (and he’s on a “career high” this month, selling more books than in previous past years, mainly due to Facebook advertising).
  • The need to work at your craft –  not even Stephen King was born to be Stephen King; he worked hard at it.
  • The aspiration to make a good living writing books – odds are, you won’t win the lottery like Stephen King or JK Rowling, but it’s possible to earn a living.
  • The process from idea to book – Jyotsna describes her path.
  • The discipline of writing a book – Iain shares his top tips.
  • An ideal program for book writing – Iain provides an introduction to Scrivener.
  • How to avoid distractions while you’re writing – switch off your WiFi and don’t get lost in Google!
  • The difference between writing mode and editing mode – and how to just write your first draft without switching into editing mode. Just keep writing!
  • Using an “accountability partner” while you’re writing – Jyotsna recommends this approach to give you a “nice kick in the butt”!

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Now, go write and publish!

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About the Hosts

Jyotsna Ramachandran is the founder of Happy Self Publishing and author of the international bestseller Job Escape Plan.

Iain Rob Wright has written over a dozen novels. He’s an active member of the Horror Writers Association and has also written a free self-publishing course for authors.

Howard Lovy

Howard Lovy is an editor and writer with more than 30 years of experience in journalism, from newspapers to magazines specializing in business, science, and technology. He has spent the past few years guiding coverage of independent publishing, amplifying voices of the marginalized. Howard is also a book doctor who enjoys working with authors to get their work ready for publication.

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  1. I have completed my first novel and have been approached by three ‘vanity’ publishers, I thought perhaps it may be OK to publish that way but have changed my mind after researching them.

    I would like to self-publish but it’s very confusing, I’m 74 and find the online world a little daunting…

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