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Read An Indie Author: ALLi Book Of The Month Awards

Read An Indie Author: ALLi Book of The Month Awards

NYT bestselling author and ghostwriter Joni Rodgers

Indie Author and Book Reviewer Joni Rodgers

Since ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) began, back at London Book Fair 2012, we have used a reading panel to choose our Monthly Book picks and Book of the Month. Now, in 2014, we are going to be launching an exciting reader competition, which we hope will a) broaden our reach and b) take the foregrounded books to a much wider readership.

The first step is the book nomination process.

We are looking for outstanding books in all genre and we want you to tell us about them. It may have won another award or be totally unheard of: if it's great book written by one of those brave souls call indie authors, then we want to hear about it.

We'll have award badges and prizes for the winning authors and also copies of the winning books and other prizes for the readers.

There will be no charge to enter a book, or to vote, and the award will be meaningfully and fairly adjudicated.

Kathy Meis of Bublish

Kathy Meis of Bublish

We are working with Amy Edelman of Indie Reader, Joni Rodgers of I'll Have What She's Reading who heads up our “Read An Indie” Campaign, and Kathy Meis of Bublish to ensure that this award becomes a first port of call for readers seeking great indie reads.

Please use the comments box below to make your nomination.

Amy has kicked us off with three great books, and there are lots more to come from her, Joni, Kathy and us.

          Please follow Amy's format in your comments/nominations below.
  • Book Title:
  • Author Name:
  • Genre
  • Nominator Name (if not you):
  • Why Nominated:

In the “Why Nominated” section, say why this is a great book and why we all should read it.

NOTE: You cannot nominate your own book for this award. If you want to tell the world about your own news or achievements, the place to do that is our Member Showcase (on the blog each Wednesday).

We look forward to telling the world about ALLi members' great indie books.


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  1. Title: Mobster’s Girl

    Author: Amy Rachiele

    Genre: romance

    Why: I mention being one of the best authors I’ve ever known surprises me from beginning to end. Read this book

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  3. Title: mobster girl
    Author: Amy Rachiele
    Genre: romance
    Why: the author is a wonderful writter and kept me hooked from beginning to eand.. sych a wonderful start to a power punch series… must read book!

  4. Book title: Mobster’s Girl
    Author: Amy Rachiele
    Genre: Mafia/romance
    Why nominated: I loved this book!!!!!!!Amy is a talented writer, with well written main and secondary characters and plot twists that keep you on your toes, Once you start reading, you can’t stop. Fantastic story.

  5. Book title: Mobster Girl
    Author: Amy Rachiele
    Genre: Mafia/romance
    Why nominated: I loved this book!!!!!!!Amy is a talented writer, with well written main and secondary characters and plot twists that keep you on your toes, Once you start reading, you can’t stop. Fantastic story.

  6. Book Title: Mobster Girl
    Author: Amy Rachiele
    Genre: mafia/romance
    Why nominated: I loved this book it was the start to a fantastic series! I had never read a mafia book before but when I picked this one up I couldn’t put it down! The plot is believable, brilliant characters and great story!

  7. book title: Mobster Girl
    Author: Amy Rachiele
    Genre: mafia/romance
    Why nominated: I have read a lot of mafia/romance books and Amy’s is one of the best. The characters are great and the story line is very believable.

  8. Book Title: Finding Parker
    Author Name: Scott Hildreth
    Genre: Young Adult
    Nominator Name: Angela Wallace
    Why Nominated: Scott Hildreth’s books are always filled with such wisdom and incredible messages. Finding Parker is something a bit special. It touched me to the core, and it is a book which will remain a part of me. The journey it takes you on is full of so many emotions and layers, it spins a web around you and draws you in, until you feel a part of the story and characters. I laughed one minute then cried so much the next that I could barely breathe. It is simply stunning, and a book that left me feeling heart warmed and speechless by the end. I can’t recommend this book enough!

    1. I absolutely agree. This is a book that showcases the author’s stunning writing skills and tells the story of different types of love with many life lessons beautifully weaved in. It’s a must read!

    2. I second this one. I’ve read all of Scott’s books and each one have touched me in some way. I’ve never come across an author who has written books in various genre. To be able to nail it every single time, is one who is gifted and talented in their work. Finding Parker is a beautiful and touching story, one I’ll cherish forever.

    3. I second this nomination. This book was amazing. Everyone will get something different from this incredible story. This story? This story is beautiful. It is truly a love story. In so many ways. I challenge anyone who has taken the time to read this to read it. You will get from it exactly what you as an individual needs at that moment. It will speak to your soul. It will leave a smile on your heart. You will be forever changed. You will find a better version of yourself because of it.

    4. I second this nomination. No matter what genre you like to read in, the love felt in this story is one that everyone should feel and experience. By far a favorite on my list.

    5. I completely agree with this nomination. Scott Hildreth created an amazing book, that will have you seeing a love story in a completely new light. The layers to this story are many which says a lot about the talent of the author, for I have read all his work and this story showed another level of his depth as an artist. MUST READ!!!

    6. I agree with this nomination. This book touched my heart deeply. It reached in and brought back things from my past that needed dealing with to some degree. It made me stop and rethink some things…rethink life and love..different kinds of love: love of family, romantic love, love of friends. It made me laugh, smile, cry and I even got angry a time or two. The life lessons he never fails to put into his books are something I always look forward to reading. Scott Hildreth is an amazing writer, a true artist in his field. I highly recommend this book.

  9. Tin God by Stacy Green nominated by Gail Demaree. mystery/thriller.
    Tin God is the first book in the Delta Crossroads trilogy. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end of the book. So many twists and turns. Skeleton Key the second book and the third book Ashes and Bone are even better than the first one. Read the trilogy you will not be sorry. I love her writing and look forward to many more books by Stacy Green.

  10. Book title: Skeleton’s Key
    Authors name: Stacy Green
    Genre: mystery
    Nominator’s Name: Heather Cathrall
    I love Stacy Green’s novels! She writes edge of your seat thrillers!! My favorite so far has been Skeleton’s Key, but I also love Tin God (which I see is nominated above). Her novels are set in the south among the southern plantations and have a delightful air of mystery and suspense. I love the combination of history, murder, romance, and excitement! Stacy is a talented writer!

  11. Book title: Tin God
    Authors name: Stacy Green
    Genre: mystery
    Nominators Name: Mariluz Rangel
    Why Nominated: Tin God was everything I expected out of a mystery book and more. Stacy put together a wonderful ensemble of exciting characters that left me wanting more! I read about a book a day and this series by far is one of the best I’ve ever read by an indie author. The locations Ms.Green uses in her books led me sleepless nights wishing I could read nonstop just to keep enjoying her writing.

  12. Book title: Tin God
    Authors name: Stacy Green
    Genre: mystery
    Nominators Name: Linda Sullivan
    Why Nominated: Stacy writes some amazing books. I was loaned this book by a good friend of mine, I couldn’t put it down. I look forward to reading the other two books in this series. I can’t wait to see what happens with the other two books. Lots of twists and turns. Check her out. She writes a great mystery. Love her books!!

  13. Book Title: Tin God
    Author Name: Stacy Green
    Genre: Mystery
    Nominator Name: Sara Freitag
    Why Nominated: Loved this book in fact I loved this whole series, each one got better and better. Just as you thought you knew who did it, you found out it wasn’t. That happened couple times. Love this Author.

  14. Book Title: Karda: Adalta Vol. 1
    Author Name: Sherrill Nilson
    Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
    Nominator Name (if not you):
    Why Nominated: The honest reason is that this book was just so much fun to read. The writing is very well done and the world she creates is colorful and exciting. I want to ride one of the magnificent Karda! I will just have to settle for reading the next book in the series as soon as it is complete.

  15. Title: “Disappearing In Plain Sight”
    Author Name: Francis Guenette
    Genre: Literary Fiction/Contemporary Fiction
    Nominator: Debbie Young
    Why Nominated:
    This book has just blown me away for lots of reasons – fabulous, subtle writing with an astonishing deftness for a debut novel, touching timeless themes of redemption for the underdog – in this case many underdogs. A group of damaged people converge in a remote spot on Vancouver Island, Canada, all touched by tragedy and some by injustice, and together inadvertently work out their problems. Moving, insightful, and memorable, this is a powerful work. I’ve written a longer and more detailed review on my blog here which tells more about how this work drew me in and the effect that it had on me as a reader: http://authordebbieyoung.com/reviews/directory-of-book-reviews/disappearing-in-plain-sight-by-francis-guenette/

  16. Book Title: “The Missing Five”
    Author Name: Gwen Pegram
    Genre: Mystery Adult Fiction
    Nominator Name (if not you): Miriam Rudder
    Why Nominated:
    I am a long-time friend of the author and was given a free copy of the novel in return for honest feedback and critique. Let me start by saying the storyline makes sense, the anticipation builds, the characters are easily any of my girlfriends (believable and likeable), and it left me wanting to know what’s next …. “The Missing Five” is set in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area about middle-aged, African-American men who are disappearing, without a trace. The plot makes sense and it is unique. The female characters are ALL my girlfriends — whether fictional or not, they can be my girlfriends!!. The flow of the story was smooth and intriguing. It climbed with anticipation; and, when it did, it hit the roof!! I liked the way the chapters differed and then merged together…it made sense. This book is entertaining and engaging, and a very good read. I’m so proud of the author.

  17. Title: “If Only Words Were Enough”

    Author: Dr. Tiffany L. Traylor

    Genre: African American Poetry and Pros

    Nominator: Julia Lowe

    Why Nominated: This is a great book for any literature class related to social justice and is also a fun read for a lazy day of sipping hot chocolate with a GOOD BOOK. The poetry and pros are witty, insightful and entertaining – the word play will have you smiling to yourself while thinking critically at the same time. This Indie author’s work is THOUGHT PROVOKING inspiring, thought provoking and inspiring.

  18. Could you define “indie author” please? Do you mean a self-published author only? Or an author published by an “independent” publisher (ie, not one of the Big Six/Five)? Or what?

  19. Book Title: The diary of a single parent abroad

    Author Name: Jill Pennington

    Genre: Non fiction

    Why Nominated:This account of a womans real life experience is heartwarming, honest but also gritty. It leaves the reader in no doubt as to her personality, loyalty to her children and her determination to succeed in their new life in Italy.

  20. Book Title: Living…The Testimony
    Author Name: Deidre Havrelock
    Genre: Religious/Inspirational
    Why Nominated: This is book two in a series on Christian Testimony and how to apply it as a Christian person in our everyday lives. It contains many inspiring and influential testimonies that will astound and raise your faith as a Christian. A book like no other!

  21. Book title: Teapots and Attics: Don’t Let Go
    Author name : Katie Louise Shattock
    Genre: Fiction. romance, suspense thriller.
    Nominator name : George Peterson

    Why nominated. I have never read a book with such original style. It is dark, gritty and touches on some very sensitive subjects though it has a beautiful romantic story. It a very emotional read. What captured me is how the author alternated the chapters between the two main leads and the ending had me gasping for more and desperately wanting book two of the trilogy.

  22. Book Title: Glass Half Full
    Author Name: Sarah Jane Butfield
    Genre:Non- fiction
    Nominator Name: Jill Pennington
    Why Nominated: Excellent book. A honest account of courage and determination.

  23. Book Title: Saving Mary: The Possession
    Author Deidre Havrelock
    Genre: Autobiography/Non-fiction memoir
    Why Nominated: An intriguing true story of a little girl and how she becomes possessed as a teenager while she dabbles in the occult. This book was a finalist in Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards in 2012 in Autobiography/Memoirs non-fiction genre. A fabulous read!! You can buy her books on Amazon.com or at her website…www.deidrehavrelock.com

  24. Book Title: Jack and the Lad
    Author Name: Mickey Mayhew
    Genre Paranormal romance, urban fantasy
    Why Nominated: It’s like Twilight meets Eastenders, a paranormal romance with a twist, great characters, an original story and a real feeling of realism in the locations, the author must know his stuff.

  25. Book Title: Blue Hydrangeas
    Author Name: Marianne Sciucco
    Genre: Romance
    Nominator Name (if not you):
    Why Nominated: What if, after a lifetime of marriage, the person who knew you best and loved you most forgot your face, and couldn’t remember your name? Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer’s love story, is well-written, sad but beautiful, and true-to-life. Amazon readers give it 4.8 stars. http://www.amazon.com/author/mariannesciucco
    – See more at: https://selfpublishingadvice.org/read-an-indie-author-alli-book-of-the-month-awards/#sthash.iDJWSrKN.d

  26. 99 Jobs by Joe Cottonwood
    Short story / Memoir
    Why? Too much fun! Love, disaster, accident, humor, stupidity, craftsmanship in 99 short, delectable stories of real humans (and dogs) drawn from the author’s 40 years of experience in the construction trades. The writing is clear, personable, gently poetic, and really satisfying. More, please.

  27. Book Title: House of Silence
    Author: Linda Gillard
    Genre: Thriller-Romance
    The heroine’s investigation into the goings-on at Gothic manor, Creake Hall will have you hooked. Nothing and nobody are what they seem. Abortion, murder, multiple deception and of course, mutedly, that thing called love are all on the agenda.
    Book title: Yesterday Road
    Author: Kevin Brennan
    Genre: A Road Novel
    This account of the accidental and tortuous journey from California to Vermont of two mentally unstable adventurers is compelling and hilarious. The dialogue is brilliant and the major characters, one losing his mind and the other a virtual cretin, will make you curl up with laughter. This is one you won’t want to put down.

  28. Book title: The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery
    Author: Michele W. Miller
    Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
    Unique premise: the people with the most immunity to the zombie virus (or whatever it is that causes the end of the world as we know it) are those with the “alcoholic gene,” either alcoholics/addicts or the children of alcoholics or addicts.
    I am not a zombie novel or a horror fiction fan. But the story was so gripping and the characters so three-dimensional, that I found it beyond a genre. It is also tempered with a sense of humor and humanity that is refreshing.
    This is one of those books that is hard to put down until you are done—and it is hard to put down even then. I felt as if I got to know these characters and was sad to let them go.

  29. Book Title: How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special
    Author: Lynette M. Smith
    Genre: Reference, Letter Writing
    Nominator Name: Flora Morris Brown
    Why Nominated:

    Peggy Post, director of The Emily Post Institute and co-author of the 18th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette, begins her foreword to Lynette Smith’s book by stating, “You are holding an extraordinary book,” and I wholeheartedly agree.

    The idea for Lynette’s book sprang from a touching personal experience. When she and her husband attended her son’s wedding rehearsal dinner, her son and fiancée surprised them when the two of them each made a special presentation to their respective parents–a beautifully framed, one-page heartfelt letter. Their best man and maid of honor read the letters aloud as each stood beside their own parents. Each letter described what they had treasured about growing up in their family, what they had especially appreciated about each parent, and what values they had learned and planned to bring to their marriage. This convinced Lynette that even in our age of email and texting, original heartfelt letters could stir feelings and deepen relationships in a way that instant communication cannot.

    While not discouraging virtual communications, Lynette provides the rationale and guidance for thoughtful personal and business communications. The main text gives the basics of not just how to plan a heartfelt letter, but also how to write, package, present, and enhance it.

    As an experienced copyeditor, Lynette goes beyond typical letter writing advice. In her three-part reference book she addresses milestone birthdays; special occasions for school, military, romance, family, rites of passage and career; and professional and personal relationships, aging, eulogies and mending relationships. The extensive appendix offers 15 demographic lists of 72 positive words, inspirational quotes to use in your letter and—in case you have trouble getting started—great starter sentences to jumpstart your writing.

    As a mom who has received a heartfelt letter of appreciation from my oldest daughter, I cherish this book as a companion to which letter writers can return again and again to mark and deepen relationships. Best of all, this book is part of Lynette’s Big, Achievable Goal: to get millions of people worldwide to write heartfelt letters of appreciation, so they can establish, enhance, or even rebuild their relationships and thus change their world.

  30. Book Title: Defending Elton
    Author Name: TJ Cooke
    Genre: Crime Mystery
    Nominator Name (if not you): Ian Sutherland
    Why Nominated: Since when do you read a crime thriller from the point of view of the killer and enjoy it immensely. TJ Cooke has pulled off this rare feat with Defending Elton, a real page turner of a mystery. The characterisation is really well imagined, especially of the mentally challenged Elton who is being set up to take the fall by his own lawyer! What a premise!

    1. I’m a former literary editor and consultant and came across this outstanding crime fiction book in the summer. I’m pretty sure Tahlia would support this one as I read a super review of hers. I included this in my own top 10 crime fiction reads of 2013 – http://wp.me/p3Y77c-g

      All the others in my top 10 were traditionally published works, but I was so taken by the author’s style and originality that I had to include Defending Elton in my list. To me this book highlights the fact that there are some fabulously talented Indie writers. I actually put Defending Elton in at number 3, it was that good. If you’ve not read it you are in for a treat. A rare mix, including a totally original plot, sparkling dialogue, hard hitting social commentary and humour.

    Author Name:~ JOE CAWLEY
    Nominated Name JAYNE CLARE
    Nominated because this book is the follow up from More Ketchup Than Salsa. Its followed Joe from leaving home to make a better life inTenerife. Theres highs and loads of lows (where you’d think he’d just give up and go back home) Theres plenty of humour in it aswel you laughcry and think oh no what else could go wrong this is it… Hes going home, but no he stuck it out. This book brings you up to present date. The books a place very close to my heart know where he was on some of the things thats happend can well believe,
    Everybody that I know so far just love this book. Nobody will b
    disappointed with this book and some lovely picures at the back to see. Joes book went straight to number 1for humour on Amazon UK. Happy days brightend my reading up . Good LuCk Joe Cawley

  32. There are so many, it’s hard to know where to start, but I’m going to begin with three that come to mind.
    Book Title: Sunbolt
    Author Name: Intisar Khanani
    Genre Nominator:YA fantasy
    Why Nominated: This is a beautifully written gripping story.

    Book Title: Ripple: A tale of hope and redemption
    Author Name: EL Farris
    Genre Nominator: Literary fiction
    Why Nominated: Very powerful and moving and tackling a difficult subject

    Book Title: Magnus Opum
    Author Name: Jonathan Gould
    Genre Nominator: Fantasy Parody
    Why Nominated: Jonathan has a lovely style and his humour makes a strong statement.

  33. Book Title: Daughters
    Author: Florence Osmund
    Genre: Fiction
    Nominator Name: Marge Bousson
    Why Nominated:
    I enjoy continuing stories/sequels, and Daughters is no exception. Daughters is the sequel to The Coach House. The characters are very believable and the story-line flows nicely. When reading the story, it feels as if you know the characters intimately. Very few novels make you think. This one does. Parenting, prejudice, family, relationships, this book has it all covered.

  34. Book Title: The Coach House
    Author: Florence Osmund
    Genre: Fiction
    Nominator Name: Marge Bousson
    Why Nominated:
    The Coach House is a good read. I can only become engrossed in a book when I care about the main character. I felt involved with the main character and liking the other characters was a bonus. The book encompasses big city life, small town life, ethnicity, ethics, domestic violence, and yet the story flows quite smoothly. Fiction that also opens many life questions is a combination that is difficult to find in a good book.

  35. Title: Dare I Call It Murder?

    Author: Larry Edwards

    Genre: Memoir

    Nominator Name: Jean Forsythe

    Why Nominated: This is a beautifully written book on a tragic subject. I recommend it for anyone who is a fan of memoir, true crime, or just likes a good book. In addition, it’s a must read for anyone who has suffered a violent loss.

  36. […] From today, anyone will be able to nominate books through the ALLi Self Publishing Advice Blog. Authors cannot enter their own works, but are free to nominate other writers for consideration via https://selfpublishingadvice.org/read-an-indie-author-alli-book-of-the-month-awards […]

  37. Book Title: Searching For Lincoln’s Ghost
    Author Name: Barbara Dzikowski
    Genre: Fiction
    Nominator Name: Florence Osmund

    Why Nominated:
    Rarely do you find such a well-crafted novel written by a first-time indie author. “Searching For Lincolnʾs Ghost” by Barbara Dzikowski, is such a book. Written in first person from the perspective of an eleven-year-old girl in the 1960s, you will feel the depth of her thinking as she tries to find answers to her “life after death” questions and understand what drives others to do what they do. The extraordinary relationships she has with her diverse classmates, her grandmom, and the unusually wise bait shop owner are compelling, making the characters believable and heartwarming. This is a book I found hard to put down.

  38. Book Title: Poetry II (Ten More Thoughts About Love)
    Author Name: Orna Ross
    Genre: Poetry
    Nominator Name: Rohan Quine
    Why Nominated: There’s a sense of both balance and gritty strength in the carefully unflinching span of understanding that these poems shine with equal attention and compassion upon their subjects, whether these subjects are people or moments, grand or minute, clean or grimy, joyful or dark, spiritual or sensual. Their wise acceptance of such disparately-flavoured aspects of life has the tension of a quest beneath the surface of its embrace, however, as the best acceptances tend to: one feels these poems’ many beauties are at the service of the truths they give us glimpses of.

    Book Title: (life:) razorblades included
    Author Name: Dan Holloway
    Genre: Experimental/Poetry
    Nominator Name: Rohan Quine
    Why Nominated: When writing transgresses, not just for the sake of it but to find truth in its vision and expression, then this is a high aim, a serious endeavour and a difficult task, and its success fulfils valuable functions. From its beautiful front cover inwards, this collection contains rich transgressions, and these take their place amid a fertile mix of other elements including desperation, humour, longing, urgency, obsession, tenderness, alienation, despair and a deep curiosity in living, brought together with a combination of economy yet refusal-to-be-tidy-or-slick. I wouldn’t presume to summarise this disparate and lovely box of dark-stained delights/howls/love-bites, nor pretend to “understand” them all either, because that wouldn’t feel right: I’ll instead just go back to them whenever the moment’s right for a grand, messy, dark, clean, questing “fuck you” to this world that does these things to people.

  39. I fretted over doing this. But who else am I going to recommend? It has to be those writers I trust and admire so highly that we formed a collective. Below are works I’ve seen grow and develop and blossom into brilliance. But right from the start, I knew these writers would succeed. Good writing shines, so here are some jewels.

    Title: The Charter
    Author Name: Gillian Hamer
    Genre: Paranormal Mystery
    Why Nominated: A cross-genre thriller which includes history, tension and the otherworldly in a classic page turner.

    Title: Wolfsangel
    Author Name: Liza Perrat
    Genre: Historical fiction
    Why Nominated: Beautiful, poetic evocation of a period, place and the agonising tension of following heart or head.

    Title: Ghost Town
    Author Name: Catriona Troth
    Genre: Literary Fiction
    Why Nominated: Time, place and race. Zadie Smith meets Dominic Sandbrook to a soundtrack from The Specials.

    Title: Tristan and Iseult
    Author Name: JD Smith
    Genre: Historical Fiction
    Why Nominated: Extraordinary reworking of the legend to bring the whole story to three-dimensional, sensory life.

    Title: The Open Arms of the Sea
    Author Name: Jasper Dorgan
    Genre: Literary Fiction
    Why Nominated: Powerful storytelling and immense characters. The Indie Sebastian Faulks.

  40. Book title: Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss

    Author name: Larry Edwards

    Genre: True crime

    Nominated by: Penelope James

    Why nominated: Most true crime books deal with the more sensationalist aspects of the murder and the efforts made to solve it. This book delves into the raw emotional trauma of violent loss and how it affected and shattered an entire family.

      1. “Dare I Call It Murder” is by author Larry Edwards.

        I just nominated it following your instructions.
        Please include it on your list as this may be one of the best true crime books to be published in the last decade.

  41. Book title: Up, Back and Away

    Author name: Kim Velk

    Genre: YA

    Why nominated: Because time-travelling Texan Miles McTavish is the ideal cheeky, charming hero of this perfectly pitched YA adventure story. A lovely book.

  42. Book Title: Spirit of Lost Angels
    Author Name: Liza Perrat
    Genre: Historic Fiction
    Why Nominated: Quality writing and an absorbing story. It drew me in and carried me along until the final chapter. I felt bereft when I turned the final page.

    Book Title: Wolfsangel
    Author Name: Liza Perrat
    Genre: Historic Fiction
    Why Nominated: Beautifully written and sensitively told – it’s impossible not to be moved by the tale as it unfolds.

  43. Book Title: “The Assassin’s Mark”

    Author Name: David Ebsworth

    Genre: Historical thriller

    Why Nominated: A cracking read, well written and produced, with an interesting and colourful cast of characters and intelligent, thought-provoking read about an era in history not given as much attention as it deserves – the Spanish Civil War. Meticulously researched for historical and political accuracy, bringing its troubled period and place vividly to life. Grim reality is lightened with easy comedy in just the right balance. The plotting is skilfully done, with some extraordinary surprises, including a bold ending that I really did not see coming. It’s the sort of book that stays with you long after you’ve read it and which you find yourself buying as presents for friends and recommending. A great advertisement of just how good indie novels can be.

  44. Book title: Sliding Past Vertical
    Author name: Laurie Boris
    Genre: Literary fiction
    Why nominated: Sarah ruins everything she touches, including her relationships. Then she calls her best friend Emerson for support. But Em has been carrying a torch for her since college. Then Sarah decides to reboot her life by moving back to her old college town, and things get really complicated. The book is well written with believable characters. And Laurie never goes for the pat, easy ending.

  45. Book Title: The Sowing
    Author Name: K. Makansi
    Genre: Science Fiction
    Why Nominated: 4.5 star Amazon Score. Heartbreaking star-crossed love story. Fascinating dystopian world. Several scenes are absolutely riveting.

  46. Title: Murder at the Maples
    Author: Joanne Phillips
    Genre: Cozy Mystery
    Nominated by: Kathryn Guare
    Why Nominated: I will reprise a part of my online review: a good old-fashioned tale told very well, with delightful and richly drawn characters, witty dialogue, clever plotting and a satisfying conclusion. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  47. Title: Feral Youth
    Author: Polly Courtney
    Genre: Contemporary / Literary Fiction
    Nominated by: Catriona Troth
    Why nominated: An extraordinary book. Courtney has immersed herself in the life of a homeless teenager living on the edges of society. She captures the voice and takes you inside the heart of that on-the-surface inarticulate teenager. In doing so, she opens our eyes to the extreme pressures that young people in some parts of our cities are living in. An important book because of what it says about our society today – but also beautifully written, a page turner and a heart breaker. Probably the best book I’ve read this year.

  48. And three more beauties

    Title: The Open Arms of the Sea
    Author: Jasper Dorgan
    Genre: literary fiction/historical fiction
    nominated by: Dan Holloway
    Why: a truly beautiful tale of forbidden love under the scorching Aden Sun

    Title: The Charter
    Author: Gillian Hamer
    Genre: thriller
    nominated by: Dan Holloway
    Why: a fabulous, haunting tale that spans the centuries, rooted in the looming landscape of Anglesey

    Title: Ghost Town
    Author: Catriona Troth
    Genre: literary fiction
    nominated by: Dan Holloway
    Why: a searing account of social and racial tension in Coventry during the troubled times of the 1980s

  49. Hi
    The Illegal Gardiner
    by Sara Alexsi
    Genre Fiction

    Surprisingly deep relationships for what appears to be a beach read. Timely explanation of the exodus of immigrants across the Middle East to Europe. Well researched. Lovely book.

  50. Title: Tristan and Iseult
    Author: JD Smith
    Genre: Historical fiction
    Why nominated: A beautiful book in every sense, beautiful cover and a wonderful story. It has gore, romance and authenticity. Based on an old legend, it’s a wonderful reworking. The world of the story is beautifully realised and the language of the storytelling is beguiling. One of these books you don’t want to get to the end of because you know you’re going to miss it.

  51. Title: Tread Softly
    Author: JJMarsh
    Genre: Crime
    Why nominated: Third and best so far in series that just gets better and better. Characters are all fully rounded and credible. Plots are clever and full of suspense. This book was ‘unputdownable’.

  52. a few more it’d be criminal not to have

    Title – The Bet
    Author – Viv Tuffnell
    Genre – literary fiction
    Nominated by: Dan Holloway
    Why: Viv writes beautiful prose and unashamedly tackles the deepest, darkest questions in life, never losing her lyricality as she does so

    Title – Glimpses of a Floating World
    Author – Larry Harrison
    Genre – Literary Fiction
    Nominated by: Dan Holloway
    Why: This portrait of 60s London on the cusp of a social revolution is one of the most blistering books you will ever read

    Title – Loisaida
    Author Marion Stein
    Genre literary thriller
    Nominated by: Dan Holloway
    Why: blistering prose, razor sharp plotting. Stunning

    Title Oblivious
    Author Neil Schiller
    Genre Literary Fiction
    Nominated by: Dan Holloway
    Why: one of the most lyrical writers you will ever read

  53. Title: Investigative Medium-The Awakening
    Author: Laine Crosby
    Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural, Biographical
    Why Nominated: There is so much going on inthe world today about the Paranormal,Mediumship etc. that it was such a wonderful experience to read Laine’s book and get a real insight into what it is like to live the real life of a medium. At times you find yourself laughing and other times you feel heartbroken but with every word of every chapter you move toward an amazing understanding of the author and the afterlife. It brings acertain comfort to your soul. Number 1in Supernatural Genre at Amazon.

  54. Book Title: Phantom: Queen of the Road
    Author Name: Lee Youde
    Genre: Memoir, Pets
    Nominator Name: Angela Roberts
    Why Nominated: It is a moving story about a man that saved a dog from a “shoot-to-kill order” after the dog had survived one of the worst winters in Iowa history.

  55. Title: Resonance
    Author: Chris Dolley
    Genre: sci-fi thriller
    Nominator: Mike Reeves-McMillan
    Why nominated: This is an alternate-worlds tale and a thriller, but it’s very different from the usual. The protagonist isn’t a superspy or a man of action, but an obsessive-compulsive British government worker in a menial job, single at 30 and looking likely to remain so. Turns out – after multiple explanations of what’s going on, all credible – that he alone can save the multiverse, because he exists across multiple worlds and can travel between them. Gripping.

    Title: Untimed
    Author: Andy Gavin
    Genre: YA SF
    Why nominated: impeccably edited, it tells the believable story of a teenager who’s part of a race of time travellers – meaning that for normal people, like his mother, it’s hard to remember that he exists. Well-researched, suspenseful and action-packed, with clear protagonist stakes that are both personal and cosmic.

  56. Title: Lydia Bennet’s Blog: the real story of Pride and Prejudice

    Author: Valerie Laws

    Genre: Humour

    Nominator: Linda Gillard

    Why nominated: I gave this 5 stars on Amazon. Very clever & hilarious version of PRIDE & PREJUDICE in which the language (but not the plot) is brought up-to-date in the style of a chatty teenage blog.The wordplay is a joy. (Laws is also a poet.)

    I started reading it on my Kindle when I was attached to a drip delivering my first dose of chemotherapy. Nevertheless, I laughed out loud. Several times.

  57. Book Title: Sleeper’s Run

    Author Name: Henry Mosquera

    Genre: Thriller

    Why Nominated: Sleeper’s Run is a critically-acclaimed, multiple award-winning novel that has left its readers with many a sleepless night due to its neck-breaking pace, and unexpected twists. Its deeply layered plot challenges many conventions of its genre, geopolitics, Latin American culture, and the reader’s own views.

  58. Book Title: A Lifetime Burning
    Author Name: Linda Gillard
    Genre: Literary
    Why Nominated: A beautifully written, brutally unflinching look at the obsessive bond between a twin brother and sister, and the destructive effect it has on everyone in their vicinity.

    Book Title: Falling For Your Madness
    Author Name: Katharine Grubb
    Genre: Romantic comedy
    Why Nominated: A lighthearted look at love with a clever fantasy twist and a serious point to make about the value of courtship. Katharine is my critique partner but I’m nominating on the basis of what I think of the book rather than our friendship; the judges in the 2013 Amazon Breakout Novel Awards agreed, and the novel got to the quarter finals.

  59. Book: The Evil Beneath
    Author Name: AJ Waines
    Genre: Crime/Thriller
    Why nominated: The adjective ‘un-put-downable’ is bandied around a lot these days, but rarely does it find such an appropriate and richly deserving target as with Alison Waines’s The Evil Beneath. Alison’s 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist and her consequent interest and understanding of the dilemmas and traumas of everyday people shine through in her richly drawn, acutely believable characters. However, it is her talent with a twisting and utterly compelling plot that really impresses. Completely deserving of its profusion of 5 star reviews.

  60. Book: The Survival of Thomas Ford
    Author name : John Logan
    Genre: Literary crime thriller (!)

    Why nominated: I don’t usually read crime thrillers, but was drawn to this seeing so many excellent reviews. It had me hooked from the very first page and was beautifully written.

  61. Book Title: Doing Max Vinyl
    Author Name: Frederick Lee Brooke
    Genre: Mystery
    Why Nominated: because the plot was unique with laugh out loud action. The characters were fantastic and their interrelationships were a key part of the book. Good guys or bad guys, you could connect with them and feel their plight, and you had to keep reading to see how all their stories came together.

    Book Title: Stealing Power
    Author Name: Bo Brennan
    Genre: Crime Thriller
    Why Nominated: because this book is more than just the investigation into a serial rapist, it it is about the relationship between the two main characters and the mysteries surrounding their family histories. There is layer upon layer of intrigue involving each key character cleverly interlaced with the main case. This is an action-packed mystery thriller with characters you can invest in.

  62. Book Title: Hannah’s Voice
    Author: Robb Grinsdstaff
    Genre: Commercial Fiction
    Nominator: Pete Morin
    Why Nominated: This is a story that stays with you weeks after reading. A superb job of conveying the voice and character of a young girl who refuses to speak because she tells the truth.

  63. Book Title: Limericks in the Wild.

    Author Name: Alton Douglas.

    Genre: Poetry/Humour.

    Why Nominated: Do a search for Limericks on the Internet and the majority of the results will include material that is, shall we say “risque” Historically Limericks have been “rude” and their rhythmical nature does lend itself to this. Alton Douglas has produced a book that can be read by all ages and a book which parents can safely buy for their children. In doing so he has also created a vehicle for the genre, a chance to re-awaken a younger audience to this entertaining branch of poetry. Having said all that – I myself cannot read this book, only because I have no sense of rhythm. Yes, there are people who cannot read poetry out there but those that can will certainly enjoy this book. The book is published as an Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=alton%20douglas&sprefix=alton+d%2Cdigital-text&rh=i%3Adigital-text%2Ck%3Aalton%20douglas

  64. Book Title: Scrag – Up The Hill Backwards

    Author Name: Jesamine James

    Genre: Biography

    Nominator Name (if not you): Pollyanna Pilsbury

    Why Nominated: I could not sleep for a week after reading this book. It is the first book that springs to mind for being unforgettable, emotive and soul haunting. I was speechless/wordless when I tried to review it. It is that powerful.

  65. I believe that the book Tethered, by Amy Mackinnon, is an indie pub book. It is a sensational read, just loved it. Story of a black mortuary, and the socially inept woman who lives and works there as an assistant. Shy, she sometimes speaks through her floral displays. There are good plot twists, too.

    1. I second Java’s nomination for Tethered. This is a great read-one that doesn’t leave you for a long time.


    Author Name: Terry. R. Hill

    Genre: Science fiction

    Why Nominated: Written by an aerospace engineer employed by NASA, this isn’t your typical sci-fi romp, in that even when wildly speculative, there is a good dose of real science in this science fiction.

  67. ooh, I can see this could lead to some bruised egos with a public nomination process! Still, here goes with my nominations, and an explanation – I wrote an article for The Guardian a month or so back in which I listed what I believe to be the five best self-published books I’d read. It seems sensible, therefore, for me to repeat those five here. I will also repeat the reasons I gave there.

    Book Title: Amniotic City
    Author Name: Lucy Furlong
    Genre: Poetry
    Nominator Name: Dan Holloway
    Why Nominated: This is a beautifully produced fold-out psychogeographical poetry map that depicts London’s hidden feminine archetypes. It is easy to dismiss artisan self-publishing as a triumph of style over substance – wonderfully produced objects hiding second-rate content. And in many cases that’s valid. But not here. This is a beautiful exploration of the way a city can consciously and unconsciously suppress an important part of its nature, and how a little imaginative trowel-work can reveal what is hidden – and transform the things you see around you every day.

    Book Title: Crockett’s Fall
    Author Name: Anna Fennel Hughes
    Genre: Children’s
    Nominator Name: Dan Holloway
    Why Nominated: An unctuously produced children’s graphic novel. A simple but perfectly realised world, with the brilliant trick of creating a strangeness that makes it instantly familiar, and a situation that every teenager will relate to at once.

    Book Title: The Imagination Thief
    Author Name: Rohan Quine
    Genre: Literary/experimental fiction
    Nominator Name: Dan Holloway
    Why Nominated: Rohan has created video and audio content for each of the 120 chapters in the books, which you can peruse on his website and in the ebook. For many books this would be ersatz and more than a little annoying. But for this story of Jaymi, who has the power to see into other people’s imaginations, and his playful-turned-terrifying tour through New York’s physical and mental recesses, this offers the perfect blend of immersion and voyeurism.

    Book Title: Living Room Stories
    Author Name: Andy Harrod
    Genre: Literary Fiction
    Nominator Name: Dan Holloway
    Why Nominated: a series of vignettes melding photography and flash fiction based on Olafur Arnalds’s Living Room Songs. This use of image and text characterises Andy’s unique way of using layers – of text, typography, photography, transparencies – first to unravel and then carefully to reconstruct the inner workings of a mind. This requires a skill I’ve rarely seen before or since. While this is available as an ebook, it is the handmade book, presented as a series of pages the same size as vinyl singles, that is the true masterpiece.

    Book Title: Lune
    Author Name: Sarah Hymas
    Genre: Poetry
    Nominator Name: Dan Holloway
    Why Nominated: this is a beautiful matching of form and content produced with care and craft. It was also runner-up in the Best Poetry Pamphlet category at the 2013 Saboteur Awards, ahead of numerous offerings from established presses.

    1. I would like to second the nomination of, “Crockett’s Fall”, by Anna Fennel Hughes please.

      It is beautifully poignant tale with lovely, delicate illustrations.


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