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ALLi News – Event Changes And Book Of The Month Update

ALLi News – Event Changes and Book of the Month update

Your weekly dose of ALLi news features a couple of date changes for some upcoming events – diaries, pens, iCals etc at the ready – alongside a quick progress report on the ALLi Book of the Month Awards.

Advice for Authors including Indie Self-publishing Authors

Jane Friedman, US Advisor

Tuesday, December 3rd, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT: The Business of Author-Publishing with Jane Friedman

Money, money, money. Our US Advisor, the wonderful Jane Friedman, has started a new magazine, Scratch, which is all about the business side of writing. We've invited her in to share her wisdom on rights, contracts and the bottom line.

Her new magazine is Scratch, The Bottom Line for Writers and ALLi members can download a free copy here.


Self publishing writer Ben Galley

ALLi Self-Publishing Services Watchdog, Ben Galley

Friday, January 3rd, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT: Watchdog session with Victoria Strauss and Ben Galley.

Considering an author-service? Worried about how to self-publish? Not sure who to trust in the shark-infested literary waters. Join Victoria Strauss & Ben Galley for a frank discussion of what an author-publisher needs to know in a world where some of the most well-known publishing brand-names are failing to protect writers.


ALLi Book of the Month Update

And finally, a quick update on the upcoming ALLi Book of the Month Awards, including some great coverage from the esteemed Porter Anderson in Publishing Perspectives. We are delighted with the response, with plenty of great indie reads already under consideration. Thank you to everyone who has nominated so far, and keep ‘em coming on this blog.


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