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Opinion: Take Your Time To Self-publish Well

Opinion: Take Your Time to Self-publish Well

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Taryn Johnston, ALLi Partner Member

ALLi Partner Taryn Johnston highlights one of the many benefits of being an indie author: the abundance of time. Not necessarily an abundance of time to write – many of us are juggling multiple responsibilities including other jobs and family duties – but the absence of a deadline imposed upon us by a traditional publishing house. Over to Taryn…

Indie authors are constantly being advised to “make sure that your book is the same standard as the big publishing houses”.

If you can tell the difference between your book and one from a top publishing house, then you can guarantee that a potential buyer will too.

Obviously the holy trinity of formatting, editing and design are key, and effective distribution is also essential.

But above all, my top tip to indie authors is to take your time:

  • Take your time to learn
  • Take your time to seek out other authors and other indie publishers
  • Take your time to soak up the information out there

You control the schedule, you do not have publisher-induced deadlines or requirements.

  • Take your time to produce the best book you can
  • Take the time to produce the best book you want
  • Take the time to enjoy the journey

This writing lark is your passion. Make it a joyful one.

OVER TO YOU Do you make the most of the freedom of being indie to take your time over your self-publishing, or do other pressures make you feel you need to rush? Join the conversation via the comment box!

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Author: Taryn Johnston

Taryn Lee Johnston is the owner of FCM Publishing, an independent publisher and advice house based in Lincoln, UK.


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  1. Totally agree that the journey needs to remain enjoyable especially if you choose to write. And if you want to make a living from it then setting goals and deadlines has to be done- but this can also be done without feeling overwhelmed or burned out – need to strike a balance.

  2. I think the concept of “take your time” depends on whether writing and publishing your books are a hobby or a career. If it’s a hobby, sure, by all means, you are correct. There are no time pressures.

    If, however, writing is, as in my case, a career, then time becomes important. Goals need to be set with deadlines, and those need to be met. Books, marketing promo, blogs, articles and other things need to be done fast, and I mean fast, to get ahead of the pack and get the book(s) out there, promoted, and purchased.

    I’d say ensure your quality is excellent, learn constantly, set and meet goals, network with other authors and so on.

    Indie authors who want to be successful still need to impose deadlines on finishing their works – if not, they face the probability of never finishing the book, never getting it published, and never getting it promoted.

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