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Open Up To Indie Authors Campaign Seeks Volunteers

Open Up to Indie Authors Campaign Seeks Volunteers

You've heard of “Name and Shame”?  Our Open Up To Indie Authors campaign is all about “Name and Gain”.

PaTrisha-Anne Todd

Volunteer coordinator PaTrisha-Anne Todd

We believe the entire publishing industry gains when author-publishers are accepted as an intrinsic part of the business.

That means good author-published books get sold in bookstores, are eligible for competitions and prizes, can be found in libraries and are deemed acceptable for review on equal terms with books that have been trade-published.

It also means author-publishers appearing at book festivals and literary events on equal terms with their trade-published colleagues.

To that end, a team of ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) volunteers, headed by the redoubtable PaTrisha-Anne Todd, is engaged in an email-writing campaign to raise awareness and persuade resistant libraries, bookstores, literary events, book reviewers and prize givers to Open Up To Indie Authors.

Can you spare some time to help with our campaign?

Contact PaTrisha-Anne here to volunteer.


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