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Money Mindset For Indie Authors: Overcoming Under Earning

Money Mindset for Indie Authors: Overcoming Under Earning

Orna Ross

Orna Ross, Director of ALLi

Money is often seen as a dirty word, but that needs to change. If you want a creative career, then you need to get comfortable with money and improving your money mindset. Which brings me to ALLi Director, Orna Ross's next workshop for patrons, which runs tomorrow evening at 5pm UK time, is “Money Mindset: From Business Block to Money Flow”

Are you profiting from your publishing? Seeing a steady income stream from your books and other self-publishing activities? Earning enough to pay yourself a decent salary? If your answer to any of those questions is no, this workshop is where you need to start.

Orna says: While money problems present for indie authors in a variety of ways, certain specific issues and symptoms occur again and again. And many of these are rooted in our money mindset: our core set of attitudes, beliefs, concepts, denials, expectations, fears and guilt around money and business, values and profit.

In this session, you’ll be guided towards understanding how this plays out for you in your publishing business, with a few to increasing your publishing profits.

Money is a complex topic but how it works for you can be simplified through a process of dialog between inner mental and emotional processes (your money mindset) and outer (your values and prosperity measures). That's what this workshop teaches.

You'll identify the nature of your particular resistances or blocks under four headings. And you'll learn a short formula for overcome under-earning.

“From Business Block to Money Flow” takes place at 5pm UK time on Friday 4th June. (That’s 9am PDT, Vancouver, 12 noon EDT New York, 6pm SAST Johannesburg, 9.30 pm IT, New Dehli.) Check this world clock to find your time.)
But don’t worry if you can’t make it live; there will be a replay.
The workshop is  one of a monthly series and just one benefit among a suite of resources made available to Orna Ross's Creative Planning patrons, through Patreon.
You can find out more about the workshop series and the Patreon membership here.
You can register for the next workshop here 

Workshops, not webinars

These workshops are not large webinars to thousands of attendees but small-group, guided events. Places are limited, you receive personal attention and feedback on your current project, and your publishing process, during the workshop–and through the month in Patreon.

Your payment covers access to replays of all previous workshops, as well as this one–and a variety of other resources, including

  • Facebook accountability group
  • Downloadable PDFs of intention maps, accomplishment logs, and other Go Creative! worksheets, tools, and planners
  • Replay videos so you can refer back any time
  • Mid-month motivator to your email inbox to keep you on track

Click here to register for the “From Business Block to Money Flow” workshop (places permitting)

Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical fiction and inspirational poetry, and a creativity facilitator. As founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, she has been named one of The Bookseller’s Top 100 people in publishing. 


This Post Has 3 Comments
  1. Hello Ms. Ross, my name is Keyawn Cook and i’m very interested in ANY help, advice, or contacts that you can help me with. I know that this sounds cliched, but I write some wonderful poetry. Please feel free to contact me on this email, thanks!

  2. Completely pointless advice. I am doing everything in my power to sell my book. Sell it in person, sell it as a Kindle Unlimited read, sell it at a discount, sell it as a paperback. I was stupid I published it once and failed, m so I withdrew it and published with a new title and cover. And failed. I don’t need “Mindset Training” I need a fair and honest critique of WHY THE DAMNED BOOK WON’T SELL WHEN I LAUNCHED WITH A DOZEN FIVE-STAR REVIEWS!!!!

    Now, THAT would be useful! I have contacted everyone I can think of, but no luck. Nobody wants to critique my blurb (wait, there was one person, but she demanded $3,000, so no). I already spent $11,000 on this loser of a project and I CAN’T continue. I wrote a really good book – and I CAN’T SELL IT!

    I would strut down main street stark naked if it would sell my book! I don’t need your damned “Mindset” course I need to figure out how to sell this book. The first one. My debut novel. If I can’t at least make back SOME of the money I squandered on this turd of a terrible idea, I will NEVER be able to afford to publish again, even though I now know how to do it much less expensively.

    ANY HELP AT ALL WILL BE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED! Advice about my completely non-existent “emotional” and “psychological” blocks to earning money are not welcome.


    Linda Grace
    Failing Spectacularly as Lincoln Tuvelais

  3. Your work to help INDIE Authors is much appreciated. As an Author and a Member I have faced some tremendous challenges to bring out my first book. Yet in this world dominated by unruly people whose main focus is money and not the very passion to bring out powerful literary work kills those who cannot afford the huge costs of editing that are unreasonable. Its important to address these issues as a collective group of people who help people to bring out great work. Not all work is great work but unfortunately great work is killed because of human greed.

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