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Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Jennifer Helfand: After A Childhood Of ‘Not Fitting In,’ She Helps Her Readers Find Their Way

Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Jennifer Helfand: After a Childhood of ‘Not Fitting In,’ She Helps Her Readers Find Their Way

My ALLi author guest this episode is Jennifer Helfand, who writes under the pen name Jordana Chana Mayim. Jennifer specializes in writing stories for children and adults about people who don't quite fit in, who long for something more in their lives. It's a subject she knows well because she spent a childhood not really fitting in, herself, until she found travel, writing, and indie publishing. Jennifer hopes that her books help others find where they can fit in, too. I'll let Jennifer tell her story.

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Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Jennifer Helfand

Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Jennifer Helfand: After a Childhood of ‘Not Fitting In,' She Helps Her Readers Find Their Way Share on X

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Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Jennifer Helfand: About the Author

Jennifer HelfandJordana Chana Mayim is an author, illustrator, and traveler. She’s also taught English to people from all around the globe. The different perspectives she’s been exposed to, as well as her reverence for nature, her abiding belief that love is our purpose, and her need to challenge society’s conception of normality, inform her writing. In her books, she shares all the light that overcoming depression taught her how to see. To read more about her and her books, visit her website.

About the Host

Howard Lovy has been a journalist for more than 35 years, and now amplifies the voices of independent author-publishers and works with authors as a developmental editor. Howard is also a freelance writer specializing in Jewish issues whose work appears regularly in Publishers Weekly, the Jewish Daily Forward, and Longreads. Find Howard at howardlovy.comLinkedIn and Twitter.

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Author: Howard Lovy

Howard Lovy is an author, book editor, and journalist. He is also the Content and Communications Manager for the Alliance of Independent Authors, where he hosts and produces podcasts and keeps the blog updated. You can find more of his work at https://howardlovy.com/


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