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Indie Author 101: Creating Content That Makes You Stand Out On Social Media: Claribel Ortega

Indie Author 101: Creating content that makes you stand out on Social Media: Claribel Ortega

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Claribel Ortega

In a series of sessions broadcast direct from BookExpo, Ingram Spark and Publisher's Weekly bring you a starter course on what you need to know to market and promote a self-published book.

Learn how to make the most of your social media platforms, find the best ways to promote your books, become part of the publishing community, and create content that will help you stand out.

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What questions or feedback do you have for Claribel Ortega? Leave her a comment below, or send her a Tweet using @claribel_ortega and our event hashtag #IndieAuthorFringe

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Author: Indie Author Fringe

The Indie Fringe Author Conference takes place three times a year, in line with London Book Fair in April; Book Expo America in May and Frankfurt Book Fair in October


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