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We're delighted to welcome back IngramSpark as a Gold Sponsor for all of our 2017 Indie Author Fringe events.

IngramSpark was developed for independent publishers. Authors can manage print-on-demand and digital content all within the same interface, plus they offer open access to Ingram’s global distribution network.

Once you finish and format your book IngramSpark make it possible to share it with the world. A relationship with IngramSpark allows you to focus on your specialty—creating innovative content while they manage the dull stuff: printing, shipping and distribution.

IngramSpark is part of the Ingram Content Group, which is the world’s largest wholesaler of print and electronic books to independent bookstores, bookstore chains, internet retailers, and specialty markets, as well as other wholesalers. They distribute to more than 39,000+ retailers, libraries, schools, and distribution partners in 195 countries.

Robin Cutler bioRobin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark

Why Robin Loves Books:

"I love the smell of books, that musty smell that you notice in an old library. It reminds me of a time when the library of my childhood was the center of my universe. It is the smell of knowledge, comfort, and adventure." 

Why Robin Loves Authors:

"The power of the written word is more important now than ever. Even as some people cram their thoughts into a mere 140 characters, the authors of the world still delight and challenge us with stories and truths that can’t be contained in a Twitter feed."

Promotional offer from IngramSpark for #IndieAuthorFringe

In celebration of Ingram Spark's Gold Sponsorship at Indie Author Fringe they are offering to waive all setup costs on new titles.
Ingram Spark Promotional Offer for #IndieAuthorFringe

Self-Publishing IQ Quiz from Ingram Spark

Whether you’ve been self-publishing for years or are fresh on the indie scene, this quiz lets you know where you are on the self-publishing spectrum: Professional, Skilled, or Novice.

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Book Expo BEA 2017 IAF LogoBookExpo Session

Ingram are sponsoring their session: Global Pricing: How To Cost Your Book To Sell Worldwide, which explains how to use their platform to reach potential buyers all over the world, in ebook and print, online and in bookstores.

They are an exhibitor at BookExpo in New York and will also be offering a series of live events as part of BookCon.

London Book Fair Session

London Book Fair 2017 LBF IAF LogoIngram are sponsoring their session: "How To Get Your Books Into Bookstores With Ingram Spark". Do you understand the difference between a wholesaler and a retailer? How much will you be charged by each of them, if your book is stocked by stores? What is iPage and why should you be in it? And how do you sell globally? Join Robin Cutler and Andy Bromley as they answer the most pressing questions asked members of the Alliance of Independent Authors about bookshop sales.


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