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Indie Author Fringe Frankfurt Book FairOur Indie Author Fringe online conference featured 24 sessions over 24 hours on the theme of “Running An Indie Author Business.” The sessions are still available for you to watch below.

You can question or comment in the Speaker and Sponsor Hot Seat.


Mark Coker & Orna Ross

Mark Coker, Director of Smashwords, welcomes self-publishing authors to the indie author fringe, while Orna Ross, Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) thanks the speakers and sponsors who allow ALLi to keep the event free for authors everywhere.

22 Oct • 10:00 am • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 9:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 4:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 1:00 am • LOS ANGELES

Going Forward: A Poem

Dan Holloway

Indie Author Fringe's Poet-In-Residence gives his thoughts on running a self-publishing business.

22 Oct • 10:15 am • FRANKFURT
22 Oct •  9:15 am • LONDON
22 Oct •  4:15 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct •  1:15 am • LOS ANGELES

The Business of Being An Author

Jane Friedman

Writing Is An Art But Publishing Is A Business. Jane Friedman lays out the territory of how authors must juggle time and money, creativity and commerce to succeed. Includes a sneak peek of Jane's forthcoming book, The Business of Being A Writer.

22 Oct • 11:00 am • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 10:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 5:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 2:00 am • LOS ANGELES

The Psychology of Creative Success

Orna Ross

Creatives often define success differently, are less ambitious in a worldly sense and work from different values and intentions. We can also get confused or blocked by conventional ambitions and outer demands. In this session, Orna Ross outlines three core creative concepts and stages of the process that help you harness the power of the create-state in your business as well as your writing.

22 Oct • 12 noon • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 11:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 6:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 3:00 am • LOS ANGELES

Key Clauses Indie Authors Need To Watch For in Trade Publishing Contracts

Toby Mundy

Toby Mundy explains what's happening for ALLi members when it comes to selling publishing rights, what's happening in the rights-buying landscape at the moment and offers advice on key clauses authors should be aware of in publishing contracts.

22 Oct • 1:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 12 noon • LONDON
22 Oct • 7:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 4:00 am • LOS ANGELES


How to Hitch your Digital Marketing to your Bottom Line

Gabriel Mercer

As authors we’re told to do social media and email marketing, grow our website traffic and develop our author platform — but how do we know which activities are paying back our investment of time and money, and which are a drain? The key is tracking. In a wide ranging presentation that first sets the fundamentals of accounting and budgeting; moves on to affiliate tracking and the ins and outs of Amazon Associates accounts; and ends by showing you a range of free tools that can track your social media, email, and paid traffic (your UTM parameters), digital strategist and growth consultant Gabriel Mercer guides you step-by-step through what you need to know to hitch your author platform and your book marketing to your bottom line.

22 Oct • 2:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 1:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 8:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 5:00 am • LOS ANGELES

The Indie Author Business Plan: The Basics

Kimberley Grabas

Don’t know your production budgets from your income projections? In this introduction to the basics of business planning for authors, Kimberley Grabas of Your Writer Platform explains her writer-friendly approach. Softening the corporate jargon, but not shying away from the necessary, this business plan offers a way to explore, understand and grow your publishing and writing. Includes: a free downloadable workbook to guide you through the business planning process.

22 Oct • 3:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 2:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 9:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 6:00 am • LOS ANGELES

Productivity for Authors: How to Write and Publish Often And Well

Mark McGuiness

If you struggle to find time for your writing and publishing amid the demands and distractions of 21st century life, this session is for you! Mark will help you carve out time consistently, while still managing all the other important commitments in your life.

22 Oct • 4:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 3:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 10:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 7:00 am • LOS ANGELES

When Is The Right Time For An Author To Go Full-time?

CJ Lyons & Joanna Penn

Both Joanna Penn and CJ Lyons had serious day-jobs before becoming full-time indie authors, CJ as a medic and Joanna as a software consultant. They talk through the stages, what you need to have in place and when's the optimum time to make the leap.

22 Oct • 5:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 4:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 11:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 8:00 am • LOS ANGELES

Best Day Jobs for Indie Authors

Debbie Young

Most indie authors need a day job, especially when we start out, but which jobs are best for writers? Librarian? Running a Writing Retreat? Or something completely unrelated to writing? ALLi Advice Centre editor and indie author Debbie Young, whose most surprising day job was as a medical specimen bookings clerk, and most appealing promoting premium brand ice creams, has been talking to ALLi Members to find out.

22 Oct • 6:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 5:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 12 noon • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 9:00 am • LOS ANGELES

Creating More Time: Tips, Techniques & Tools

Paul Teague

How much time can you acquire when working full time? When do you work. How do you organise your time? Family, work and writing life. Dealing With Overwhelm.

22 Oct • 7:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 6:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 1:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 10:00 am • LOS ANGELES

Best Writing and Self-Publishing Tools for Authors

Jay Artale

What tool is indispensable when it comes to running your author business? Jay Artale consulted with ALLi members to find out the writing and self-publishing tools they couldn't do without. Here's her roundup of the software, tools, and services they use and recommend.

22 Oct • 8:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 7:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 2:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 11:00 am • LOS ANGELES

Should Indie Authors Go KDP Exclusive Or Go Wide?

Susan Kay Quinn & Pippa DaCosta

Susan is exclusively KDP, Pippa makes her books available in as many outlets as possible. Using questions from authors to frame their discussion, they explain which model works best for which kind of books and the pros and cons of each approach.

22 Oct • 9:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 8:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 3:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 12 noon• LOS ANGELES

The Print Book Business Plan

Robin Cutler

What does it take to make a print book profitable and distributed through multiple bookstores? Basically, what do we have to do to make a print book profitable, if distributed through Ingram, Bertrams etc? What is the difference between US and UK, Canada, Australia etc in terms of distribution models?

22 Oct • 10:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 9:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 4:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 1:00 pm• LOS ANGELES

A Business Mindset Means A Rights Mindset

Helen Sedwick & Orna Ross

Helen helps you to understand the value embedded in your copyright and how exploiting your rights is key to your success. Orna outlines seven different income options, from e-books to subscription, sponsorship and advertising and rights sales. Launch of the print edition of How Authors Sell Publishing Rights.

22 Oct • 11:00 pm • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 10:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 5:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 2:00 pm• LOS ANGELES

How An Author Assistant Can Grow Your Business

Kate Tilton

Kate Tilton, Author Assistant extraordinaire, explains what a good assistant can do for an author, why not all VAs are the same, what to ask when hiring and all the different ways a good assistant can help you to grow your business — including the pitfalls to watch for.

22 Oct • 12 midnight • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 11:00 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 6:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 3:00 pm • LOS ANGELES

How An Author Assistant Can Grow Your Business: TWITTER CHAT

Kate Tilton

Join Kate Tilton @K8Tilton of #K8Chat to continue the discussion on Twitter using #indieauthorfringe

22 Oct • 12:30 am • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 11:30 pm • LONDON
22 Oct • 6:30 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 3:30 pm • LOS ANGELES

The Top Self-Publishing News Stories of 2016 and Why They Matter to You

Bryan Cohen & Jim Kukral

Authorpreneurs Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen have their fingers on the pulse of the latest in self-publishing news. In this presentation, they'll tell you the biggest, most impactful news thus far in 2016 and how these stories impact you and your author career.

23 Oct • 1:00 am • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 12 midnight • LONDON
22 Oct • 7:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 4:00 pm• LOS ANGELES

Bringing Frankfurt Book Fair to Indie Authors

David Penny

ALLi's roving reporter with camera and recorder, David Penny, brings you the happening people and events creating buzz for indie authors this year at Frankfurt Book Fair.

23 Oct • 2:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 1:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 8:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 5:00 pm• LOS ANGELES

Audio & Video

How To Hire (Only) The Self-Publishing Services You Need… And At The Right Price

Ricardo Fayet

How can you find the right editor for your book? How much will a professional cover design cost you? What about publicists and marketers? Reedsy’s Ricardo Fayet will answer all these questions (and more!) in this session and unveil the real costs of hiring professionals to produce a high-quality book.

23 Oct • 3:00 am • FRANKFURT
22 Oct • 2:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 9:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 6:00 pm• LOS ANGELES


Frankfurt Book Fair for Authors

Porter Anderson & Orna Ross

Porter Anderson chats to Orna Ross, founding director of ALLi. Live from the Frankfurt Bookfair, on the International Author and Self-Publishing day programme, to brief the attending authors on the world state today of the indie movement and trends of key importance for their careers.

23 Oct • 4:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 3:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 10:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 7:00 pm• LOS ANGELES


How To Use NaNoWriMo To Structure Your Fiction-writing Business

Grant Faulkner

Many successful self-publishers use NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month in November — to structure their annual fiction writing plans. And many successful self-publishing novels started out on NaNo. In this session, Director Grant Faulkner talks about the ways authors can do this. And ALLi members tell their NaNo stories.

23 Oct • 5:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 4:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 11:00 pm • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 8:00 pm• LOS ANGELES


Tax Matters For Indie Authors: A Handholder

Karen Inglis

How to complete your tax interview for Createspace and Amazon KDP, a reminder to authors to ensure they are claiming their taxable expenses, the tax implications of selling digital products on your website and more. A primer on international income tax laws, for the indie author.

23 Oct • 6:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 5:00 am • LONDON
22 Oct • 12 midnight • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 9:00 pm  • LOS ANGELES


EUVAT – Pay Attention or face a Fine!

Henry Hyde

Why you need to pay attention to the EUVAT regulations as an Indie author and how to ensure you comply when selling your work online. Includes the latest developments since the ‘Brexit’ outcome of the British referendum.

23 Oct • 6:30 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 5:30 am • LONDON
23 Oct • 12:30 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 9:30 pm  • LOS ANGELES


How To Use Twitter Cards & Twitter Ads To Boost Your Indie Author Business

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis of the Beginning Self-Publishing Podcast explains Twitter Cards and how they can help you reach readers, grow your mailing list and boost your book income.

23 Oct • 7:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 6:00 am • LONDON
23 Oct • 1:00 am • NEW YORK
22 Oct • 11 pm • LOS ANGELES



You've Written it, now Own it: Understanding your Author role

Jay Artale & Yen Ooi

Jay Artale and Yen Ooi help beginning authors understand the freedoms and responsibilities of self-publishing, what to DIY and what to outsource — and when.

23 Oct • 8:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 7:00 am • LONDON
23 Oct • 2:00 am • NEW YORK
23 Oct • 12 midnight • LOS ANGELES

Maximise Your Books’ Exposure & Build Your Indie Author Business

Adam Croft & Darren Hardy

Many thousands of writers now earn a living through writing because of KDP and in this wide-ranging interview, leading indie author Adam Croft interviews Darren Hardy, Head of Amazon’s KDP Programme in the UK, to find out how authors can gain further exposure in the digital world, access more readers and build an indie author business.

23 Oct • 9:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 8:00 am • LONDON
23 Oct • 3:00 am • NEW YORK
23 Oct • 1:00 am • LOS ANGELES


Conference Close and Wrap-up

Kevin Tumlinson and Orna Ross

Kevin Tumlinson, Marketing Director at Draft2Digital, wraps up Indie Author Fringe (Frankfurt 2016), talks about the highlights and his personal picks — and announces the Best Website competition winners. While Orna Ross, Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) who organizes the conference three times a year, thanks the speakers and sponsors who allow ALLi to keep the event free for authors everywhere.

23 Oct • 10:00 am • FRANKFURT
23 Oct • 9:00 am • LONDON
23 Oct • 4:00 am • NEW YORK
23 Oct • 2:00 am • LOS ANGELES


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