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Karen InglisCompleting Your Amazon Tax Interview Forms

Format: Video

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing – or does it? If you live outside the US and self-publish books on Amazon or other US platforms your royalties from sales will be subject to an automatic 30% withholding tax unless you take action. In this short video find out whether you qualify for a reduction or exemption and, if you do, watch a screenflow of how to complete the online Amazon interview to prevent the wrong tax being held back. You’ll also get a few extra tax-saving tips at the end! Please note that Karen is not a tax adviser. Always seek advice if in doubt.

At the end of this session you will:

  • understand whether you qualify for a reduction or exemption from US withholding tax on books sales royalties, based on where you live
  • know how to complete the Amazon online tax interview (CreateSpace or KDP) either as an individual or a company/corporation
  • understand the high-level process for applying for reduction/exemption if you self-publish on other key platforms such as iBooks, Smashwords, Draft2Digital etc


Karen Inglis is a successfully self-published UK children’s author with almost 10,000 sales across five titles for ages 3-11. She regularly goes into schools and her books are stocked in selected independent bookshops and Waterstones branches in West London. You can find out more about Karen’s books at  She also blogs about self-publshing children’s books at  As well as writing for children, Karen has written plain English content about money and tax for over 20 years, however she far prefers making up stories 🙂

Please note that Karen is not a tax adviser. If in doubt get advice!


Facebook: Facebook/kareninglisauthor

Twitter: @kareninglis

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