Tim Lewis

Tim LewisHow To Use Twitter Cards & Twitter Ads To Boost Your Indie Author Business

Format: Video

A detailed demonstration of what Twitter Cards are and also how to use Twitter advertising.

The topic comes out of a discussion about Twitter cards in the Facebook Group. In the Kingdom of the Blind Men who know a bit about lead cards and Twitter adverts I am the one-eyed man. But even from my limited use I know that these can be very useful for authors or anyone trying to get readers or e-mail signups.


Tim Lewis is a fantasy and science fiction author of 5 short books and host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast.  After being widowed in 2011 he reconsidered his career a few years later and ended up self-publishing fiction amongst other things.  He’s a social media enthusiast and enjoys the technical parts of marketing and self-publishing that many loathe.


Facebook: Facebook/timlewis808

Twitter: @stonehampress

Pinterest: stonehampress

Email: [email protected]


10 copies of the eBook version of Magpies and Magic Tim LewisTim is giving away 10 copies of his Magpies and Magic ebook. Trouble is afoot in the world of Minaturia: holy war in the East, revolution brewing in the old states of Middlita and rumours of war in the West. Kolan, a ginger-haired warrior for hire, with his new companion, a magpie called Malcolm, struggle to make a living joining any party of adventurers that will take them.

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