Paul Teague

Paul Teague Indie Author Fringe SpeakerCreating More Time: Tips, Techniques & Tools

Format: Video

How much time can you acquire when working full time? When do you work. How do you organise your time? Family, work and writing life. Dealing With Overwhelm.


Paul Teague worked for the BBC for 18 years as a reporter, presenter and online journalist. He left the BBC in 2010 to become an online marketer and sold thousands of digital products and created a Facebook software before deciding to leave that ‘get rich quick’ marketplace and try his hand at writing.

In the past two years Paul has self-published thirteen books. He has written The Secret Bunker Trilogy and The Grid Trilogy, as well as How To Build Your Author Platform and six social media & web guides.

He teaches social and digital marketing to local businesses via the Cumbria Chamber of Trade and this is how he bootstraps his writing activities.

Paul is also the host of Self Publishing Journeys at Self-Publishing Journeys, the weekly podcast for new & aspiring indie authors.


Facebook: paulteagueauthor

Twitter: @PaulTeagueUK

Pinterest: paulteagueuk

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