Mark McGuinness

Mark McGuinnessProductivity for Authors: How to Write and Publish Often And Well

If you struggle to find time for your writing amid the demands and distractions of 21st century life, this session is for you! Mark will help you carve out time consistently for your writing, while still managing your publishing and all the other important commitments in your life.

Format: Video


  • understand your own creative process
  • design your working schedule to suit your creativity
  • carve out time for focused creative work
  • capture and process all your important commitments
  • strike the right balance between writing and business tasks


Mark is a poet and a coach for creative professionals. Productivity for Creative People is his third book of practical inspiration for writers and creatives.


Facebook: Facebook/LateralAction

Twitter: @markmcguinness


If you’re excited by the opportunities of the creative age, but worried about the effect of all those interruptions and digital distractions on your creative work, Productivity for Creative People has been written for you.

It is the perfect guide to creating extraordinary work without (necessarily) disappearing to a cabin in the woods, or even giving up your smartphone.

Visit Mark’s session during Indie Author Fringe to find out how to get a free ebook copy of his new book.

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