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Happy Holidays To All Self-Publishing Authors

Happy Holidays To All Self-Publishing Authors


Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical fiction and inspirational poetry, and a creativity facilitator. As founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, she has been named one of The Bookseller’s Top 100 people in publishing. 


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  1. Dear Oma Ross:

    It was nothing but serendipitous stumbling on ALL I (Indie Authors) for which I thank my good


    I have “self published” the following books with no profit in mind – just for the pure joy of it.

    For The Love Of Shakespeare

    Your Sense of Humor – Don’t Leave Home Without It

    Mining My Own Life – This much I Remember and This Is How I Remember It.

    Reminiscing in Tranquility of a Time Long Gone By.

    I am presently working on the next.

    Glad to make your acquaintance.

    Happy Food-filled Fun Thanks Giving Day


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