Watchdog Alert: Dog Ear Publishing

Watchdog Advisory for Dog Ear Publishing
The Watchdog Desk of the Alliance of Independent Authors monitors self-publishing services, and identifies services which overcharge, over-promise, or in any way exploit authors.

The Watchdog Desk has received multiple reports of problems at Dog Ear Publishing, an Indianapolis-based self-publishing service. After careful investigation, in our opinion there is indeed cause for concern.

We have heard from several authors who allege they have been waiting months for payments on royalties due. Emails and phone calls to the company reportedly go unanswered. In at least two of these cases, the authors sent legal notices via certified mail, demanding immediate payment of overdue royalties and an accurate accounting of sales.

Although receipt of the demands was confirmed by the U.S. Post Office, Dog Ear Publishing has so far failed to respond.

I personally reached out to Dog Ear Publishing’s owner, Ray Robinson, via email, phone, and finally, through the company’s Facebook page. In these messages, I notified Mr. Robinson of the complaints against the company, and invited him to explain the situation and what was being done to remedy it.

On March 7th, Mr. Robinson responded via Facebook, apologizing for “missing your contact attempts”. He provided his personal email address, but no further information.

An email sent to that address on the same day is unanswered today, at time of publication, 1pm, UTC, 21st March

On March 7th, the US Better Business Bureau (BBB) posted an announcement stating that Dog Ear Publishing’s accreditation has been suspended due to failure to respond to complaints.

Additionally, the BBB site now lists 29 complaints against Dog Ear Publishing, 20 of which were filed in the last 12 months.

On March 8th, Dog Ear Publishing removed all mention of BBB accreditation from its website.

However, the company continues to solicit new business and collect payment from authors.

Perhaps the most important responsibility of any publishing service is to provide timely and accurate accounting, and prompt payment of royalties.

Accordingly, we have assigned Dog Ear Publishing our most severe level of warning:  Watchdog Advisory.

Dog Ear Publishing was offered right of reply, but did not respond before publication of this article.

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2 Responses to Watchdog Alert: Dog Ear Publishing

  1. Susan Marie Chapman April 8, 2019 at 9:49 pm #

    My name is Susan Chapman and I am a self published author. I need some advice. I published both of my books with Dog Ear Publishing and I fear that they have gone out of business. Last week, I received my first copy of my second book published with them and after that day of receiving my book, I have not been able to reach anyone. I also paid for marketing and read aloud ebooks. I honestly do not know what to do. I have book signings coming up and readings and no way of getting my books printed. Also, I just wrote my third book and now need to look for a new publisher. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Michael Kostroff March 22, 2019 at 12:49 am #

    I’m sorry to say I’m one of those who’ve had this exact experience with Dog Ear. I’ve now had to get a lawyer to send them a cease and desist letter just to get them to take my book off the market. It’s the only request they’ve complied with. They still have thousands of dollars of royalties that belong to me.

    And now I’m having to pay another company and start the process all over again. It’s been not only financially damaging, but extremely disheartening as well, especially because my book is selling well and generating some lovely reader comments.

    Please, please do yourself a huge favor and stay away from this deadbeat company.

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