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Catch Up With Our Free Online Self-Publishing Advice Conference

Catch up with our Free Online Self-Publishing Advice Conference

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Did you miss the ALLi Self-Publishing Advice Conference that took place on line right after the London Book Fair last weekend? Now's your chance to catch up – and to learn about the next one, just six months away! ALLi Conference Manager Sacha Black reports.


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ALLi's conference Manager Sacha Black helps you catch any conference gems you might have missed

The Self-Publishing Advice Conference may be over for another six months, but stayed tuned because in a few weeks we will start revealing snippets of news about the next one.

But first, I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who came and attended the conference as well as those who shared our sessions and, of course, our session speakers and conference sponsors.

If you missed any of our sessions, there’s still a few days to get them. And if you're a paid-up member of ALLi, you'll have access to them for ever more. (Just one of many benefits of joining ALLi! Not yet a member? Find out how to join here.)


Below is a list of all of our sessions – click the title for the direct link to watch them.

Automate Your Author Business to Increase Efficiency and Writing Productivity
Derek Murphy’s presentation will help you focus on automating your book marketing tactics so you can sell more books in your sleep.

Blockchain Technology for Authors: What It Is and How You Can Leverage It
Roanie Levy’s presentation looks to the future of the industry and how Blockchain technology holds the potential to change it. Learn what Blockchain is, how it works, and what it means for you as an author.

How to Grow Your Author Business: From Self-Publishing to Self-Publisher
Marina Aris’s presentation asks you a question: Love writing? Love indie publishing? Well, maybe you should start running your own independent press. In this session, you’ll get an overview of what it takes to start and successfully run your own press.

Go Wide 1: How Authors Can Reach Their Target Market Readers on All Platforms
Mark Lefebvre’s session looks at the fundamental tactics needed for publishing wide as well as the opportunities libraries provide for authors.

Indie Author Bookstores 1: How to Get Your Self-Published Book into Bookstores
Robin Cutler’s session focuses on getting your self-published books into physical bookstores.

What is Metadata? Use Keywords and Categories to Improve your Amazon Book Sales
Dave Chesson shows you how to choose the right keywords to get your book seen by shoppers as well as how to select the right categories that help improve sales Improve your rankings so that more customers will click on your book.

How to Build a Power Author Brand That Increases Book Sales
A G Billig talks author branding. Learn how to build the ultimate author brand to grow your sales and reputation.

From 2k to 10k: A Case Study in Boosting Backlist Sales
Bryan Cohen’s session looks at taking your back-list book earnings from 2k to 10k a month. His presentation will detail his personal pitfalls and successes as he goes on his own journey to $10,000 per month.

Trusting the Creative Process: How to Write a Novel Without an Outline
Dean Wesley Smith delves into creativity, examining the myths that so many authors build up around their own writing. Dean teaches us how to write fast and write quality prose and all without an outline.

Advanced Facebook Advertising and Marketing Strategies for Authors
Ricardo Fayet dives into Facebook advertising. If you want to up your Facebook ads game with established strategies and new ideas, then this workshop is for you.

But What If I'm Literary? Book Marketing for Authors Who Write Outside of Commercial Genres
Jane Friedman‘s session addresses how you can modify the usual indie author marketing advice for a more realistic and successful approach, whether you write novels, short stories, or poetry.

Go Wide 2: How to Reach Your Target audience Globally
Kinga Jentetics takes you through advanced strategies and tactics for publishing your books globally.

How Authors Attract Readers and Make Money on YouTube
Jenna Moreci teaches you how YouTube can expand your readership exponentially. How you can market your work on a budget, and easily create multiple forms of income outside of your book sales.

How to Self-Publish: Growth Mindset for Authors
Adam Croft shows you why spreadsheets are essential to your author business. How they can transform your sales and earn you more money.

Grow Your Sales: How Collaboration Helps Authors to Succeed
Joseph Alexander discusses in a candid interview how he turned collaboration into one of the most successful musical tuition book companies in the world.

Take Off Your Pants!: How Outlining Can Save Time, Increase Efficiency, and Create a Better Book
Libbie Hawks will show you how outlines can increase efficiency and create a more predictable production schedule. She’ll also teach you why all outlines aren’t equally effective, how to structure a story so the compulsion to keep on reading is built into the fabric of the story, regardless of genre, setting, or theme and finally, how to use the basics of outlining to your benefit if you’re a die-hard “pantser” at heart.

Character Development: How to Create the Villain Your Hero Deserves
Sacha Black’s presentation focuses on the creation of villains. Why? Because villains are vital to your novels. They create conflict, drive tension and up the pace of your story. Without a solid villain, your novel will fall flat. Watch this presentation to learn the major factors of villain creation as well as the clichés and stigmas to avoid.

Book Marketing Basics: The Five Foundations Every Author Needs
Kathy Meis’s presentation looks at the foundations of marketing. Whether you’re new to indie publishing and book marketing or have tried marketing before and been unhappy with the results, “Book Marketing: 5 Foundations & 5 Strategies” will show you how to build a strong foundation for your marketing efforts and embark on 5 simple and effective marketing strategies that work when that foundation is in place.

Multiple Streams of Income: Should Patreon Be Part of Your Author Business?
Trevor Mauk is from Patreon, he’ll show you the basics for how to grow your supporters at Patreon and build your income.

 Change your Marketing Habits to Sell More Books
Amy Collins will show you how many small, powerful shifts in your daily habits can directly impact and improve your book sales.

Amazon Ads: The Latest Tactics for Faster Book Sales
Laurence O’Bryan focuses on marketing, Amazon ads specifically and what the latest tactics and methods are for increasing book sales.

Indie Authors in Bookstores 2: Learn What Bookstores Want (and Don't Want) From Self-Published Authors.
Join Gordon McClelland of Dartfrog to learn what bookstores and commercial book clubs want (and don't want) from self-published authors.

Collaborative Author Business: Is It For You?
Michael Anderle focuses on the different types of business models available to an indie author. Join him as he explores the advanced strategies you can implement.

How to Self-Publish The Creative Way LIVE from LBF
Orna Ross chairs a panel with Adam Croft, Amy Collins and Camille Mofidi as they examine the mindset and marketing skills you need to self-publish.

Until the Next ALLi Self-publishing Advice Conference!

We will be back in the fall for another jam-packed conference. If you have any feedback please do drop us a line at: [email protected]

Until then, happy writing!

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Author: Sacha Black

Sacha Black is a bestselling and competition-winning author. She writes the popular YA Fantasy Eden East novels and a series of non-fiction books that are designed to help writers develop their craft. Sacha is also a developmental editor, wife and mum. Website: www.sachablack.com


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