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Debbie Young picks some of our best posts about writing craft from the 2018 blog

Debbie Young, ALLi Author Advice Center Manager, picks some of the most popular posts sharing advice about writing craft from 2018, to inspire and inform your writing ambitions and plans in 2019.


One of the many great things about being a part of the indie author community and the Alliance of Independent Authors in particular is that whatever genre we each write in, and no matter how experienced we are, we can also learn from each other’s experiences.

Each Wednesday on our blog, we share best practice to do with writing craft, from finding initial inspiration to polishing the finished manuscript to perfection. Here is a cross-section of posts about different aspects of writing craft, chosen from our weekly #WritersWednesday series that ran throughout the year.

2 Must-Reads on the Writing Process

Fringe Highlight Podcast: 7 Stages of the Creative Process with Orna Ross

Opinions: What Makes a Writer? – Feedback on Important New Research

3 Ways to Grow Your Catalogue & Income

How Writing Fiction of Different Lengths Offers a Book Marketing Advantage

Writing A Series – And How to Grow A Series from a Standalone Book

Writing: How Indie Authors Can Use Their Creative Writing Skills to Build an Extra Income Stream through Copywriting to Supplement Sales from Self-published Books

3 Posts on Building Your Writing & Editing Skills

Beta Reading: How Being a Beta Reader Has Made Me a Better Writer

Writing: A Handy Checklist for Self-Editing to Make Your Self-published Book the Best It Can Be & Reduce Your Editor’s Bill

Writing: How to Write a Synopsis of your Self-published Book – and Why Indie Authors Need Synposes Too

2 Fun Posts

Writing: 15 Ways to Choose Characters’ Names

Writing: Putting the Fun into Punctuation

Like to Write about Writing for ALLi in 2019?

This is just a small sample of the ideas about writing that we shared on the ALLi blog this year. If you’d like to contribute to this strand in 2019, we’ll be very glad to hear from you – just read these guidelines about writing a guest post for our blog before sending in your ideas.

Please note: only ALLi members are eligible to write guest posts – if you’ve yet to join, the new year is a great time to sign up! For joining information, visit

In the meantime I wish you every success with whatever you plan to write in the new year. May it be your best writing year yet!

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