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Author Interview With Helen Baggott: History Comes Alive In Postcards — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

Author Interview with Helen Baggott: History Comes Alive in Postcards — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My ALLi author guest this week is Helen Baggott, a UK-based author and editor whose love of history drives her unique books that feature historic postcards as a way to tell the story of individuals. And, to her delight, some of the descendants of those she has featured have contacted her. Helen is also an editor who has advice for writers in these stressful times. But first, I'll let Helen tell her story.

Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast: Helen Baggott Interview

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Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast: About the Author Helen Baggott

Helen BaggottHelen Baggott is a freelance writer and editor from Dorset, England. She began writing whilst at school and now spends her time working with authors and writing her own articles and books. You can find her on Twitter as @PostedInThePast and @SelfPubSupport

Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast: About the Host Howard Lovy

Howard Lovy has been a journalist for more than 30 years, and has spent the last eight years amplifying the voices of independent publishers and authors. He works with authors as a book editor to prepare their work to be published. Howard is also a freelance writer specializing in Jewish issues whose work appears regularly in Publishers Weekly, the Jewish Daily Forward, and Longreads. Find Howard at howardlovy.comLinkedIn and Twitter.

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Author: Howard Lovy

Howard Lovy is an author, book editor, and journalist. He is also the Content and Communications Manager for the Alliance of Independent Authors, where he hosts and produces podcasts and keeps the blog updated. You can find more of his work at https://howardlovy.com/


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