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ALLi Goodreads Group Giveaway – Looking For Thrillers

ALLi Goodreads Group Giveaway – Looking for Thrillers

Calling ALLi Members: As some of you know, we are doing a monthly giveaway through our Goodreads Group, starting this month. This is an opportunity for you (paid-up ALLi members only) to showcase books to some of Goodreads's eight million plus readers.

This Month we are Looking for Thrillers
Each month we'll do a different genre or theme. This month, October 2012, we're looking for thrillers.
If you're interested in taking part, you'll need to
  • be a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)
  • be a member of Goodreads and the ALLi Goodreads group (just google to find)
  • provide a print version of your book for the giveaway
  • commit to mailing it to wherever in the world our winner lives, once the winner is announced.
The giveaway is being co-ordinated each month by Geraldine. If you want to give away a book, email her at: [email protected] telling her:
  • the name of your book
  • one sentence re. what it's about
  • and its usual retail price.
Closing Date: October 15th.
Remember: it must be a print book to be eligible for a Goodreads giveaway.
And unless you would actually describe your book as a thriller, i.e. if it is actually historical, or sci-fi, or mystery etc, please hold off — your turn will come.

Such group giveaways are most effective when they reach readers of the specific genre.  November will be: Women's Fiction. December: Literary Fiction.  January 2013: Nonfiction: Mind, Body, Spirit.
And all genres and types of book will get their turn in this ongoing monthly feature.
The more we all support this, the bigger drawcard it will become and the better it will be for all our members. So pass the word around; put it out there on the social media and let's build the ALLi Goodreads Monthly Book Giveaway to a HUGE initiative.

Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical fiction and inspirational poetry, and a creativity facilitator. As founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, she has been named one of The Bookseller’s Top 100 people in publishing. 


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  1. Here are the Goodreads T&Cs:
    * You agree to supply the indicated number of books on the date the giveaway ends.
    * Goodreads will list (for free) the giveaway book on the giveaways page.
    * Goodreads will collect interest in the book, and select winners at our discretion. Our algorithm uses member data to match interested members with each book.
    * After the giveaway stop date, click the name of your giveaway (listed under “your giveaways” on the main First Reads page) to see the list of winning addresses. You will also be emailed a list of winners.
    * You are responsible for shipment of the books. Failure to do so will result in us not inviting you over for cake ever again.
    * You agree to not store the winners’ mailing addresses and to never mail anything to the winners except the indicated book.
    * Winning members are encouraged but not required to write a review of the book they receive.
    * Ebooks are not allowed. Every winner must receive a physical copy of the book.

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