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ALLi August Events: How-To For Authors

ALLi August Events: How-To for Authors

Jay Artale Alliance of Independent Authors Social MediaDoes your Author Twitter account need help? Are you wondering what member's self-publishing questions Orna and Joanna are answering this month? Have you met our new ALLi Watchdog?

Our August events from the Alliance of Independent Authors will motivate and inspire your self-publishing journey. Whether you're just starting out as an indie author or have already released a long-awaited sequel to your indie best seller, our Author How-To advice covered in this month's events will be invaluable. The topics and presenters are varied, and each of our experts brings their unique perspective to the table.

As well as our Ask ALLi Author Advice Q&A with Joanna Penn and Orna Ross, we're hosting a Twitter Chat with indie author and author Twitter strategy expert Ian Sutherland. 

Read more about the three live events here:

Twitter Chat: How to attract 40,000 Twitter Followers without buying them. August 11th at 8pm

Join our #AuthorALLiChat event on Twitter and ask Ian Sutherland your “Twitter for Authors” questions

Author ALLi Chat with Ian Sutherland

ALLi's Twitter Chat Guest Speaker

Ian Sutherland Guest on #AuthorALLiChat on Twitter August 2015Ian Sutherland is and Indie Author who self-published his first book “Invasion of Privacy” in August, 2014. On the same day he published a prequel novella, entitled “Social Engineer”, on the same day. Both books pull from Ian's extensive IT experience, and have our modern-day dependence on technology front and centre.

As an indie author, Ian focused on all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing his fiction thrillers. As part of this, Ian developed and adopted a wide range of strategies to help readers discover his books. In particular, Ian found Twitter to be one of the best social media platforms to market and sell his books. But, you can’t just spam your Twitter followers to death! So Ian developed a set of advanced techniques to help authors sell more books. He reveals his secrets in his new non-fiction book “Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors“.

I'm not just a fan, but a customer too. I bought a copy of Ian's Twitter Strategy book at the Indie Author Fringe event at IndieReCon 2015, where Ian and I tweeted the day's events, shoulder to shoulder. I'm looking forward to this Twitter chat, and know you'll walk away with a renewed focus and vision about how to build your following ~~ Jay

Read Ian's Author Advice article about “How to use a survey to choose a book cover”

  • Date: 11th August 2015
  • Event starts at 8:00pm BST/London

Global Dates and Times:

  • Time12:00pm PST (Vancouver) / 3:00pm EST  (New York City / 6:00pm BRST (Sao Paolo) / 8:00pm GMT (London) / 10:00pm SAST (Johannesburg) /and +1 day at: 1.30am IST (Dehli) and 7:00am AEDT (Sydney)

You can join in the conversation on by using hashtag: #AuthorALLiChat 

  • Twitter Chat facilitated via: @IndieAuthorALLI
  • Follow Ian Sutherland on Twitter at: @IanHSuth and @iansuth (his author profile)

Participate directly on Twitter OR join in via Twubs: http://twubs.com/AuthorALLiChat

If you haven't used Twubs before, it's a lot more user friendly that trying to follow the conversation directly in Twitter, and it allows you to set the speed of the feed according to your preference and you can also hide any retweets.


Ask ALLi Member Q&A: Your Self-Publishing Questions answered by Joanna Penn and Orna Ross Tuesday August 25th

AskALLi event

The Q&A will broadcast live on Google+ and ALLi members can have their questions answered by Joanna and Orna.

Click this link to join the Google+ Hangout Event and watch it live

  • Date: 25th August 2015
  • Event starts at 8:00pm BST/London

Global Dates and Times:

  • Time: 12noon PST (Vancouver) / 3pm EST  (New York City / 6pm BRST (Sao Paolo) / 8pm GMT (London) / 10pm SAST (Johannesburg) /and +1 day at: 1.30am IST (Dehli) and 7am AEDT (Sydney)

Our monthly Member Q&A is part of our “Ask ALLi” Campaign: in which ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) commits to answering any question about self-publishing.

Only ALLi members can submit questions to this particular event but all authors can watch and learn.

If you are an ALLi member, click here to submit your questions

Meet the Ask ALLi Hosts

Joanna Penn Author Profile

Joanna Penn is a London-based New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author, as well as writing non-fiction for authors. She is also a professional speaker and entrepreneur, voted as one of The Guardian UK Top 100 creative professionals 2013.

She spent 13 years as a business IT consultant in large corporations across the globe before becoming a full-time author-entrepreneur in September 2011.

Connect with Joanna on Twitter @thecreativepenn

Orna Ross Author ProfileOrna Ross launched the Alliance of Independent Authors at the London Book Fair in 2012. Her work for ALLi has seen her named as one of The Bookseller’s “100 top people in publishing”.

She also publishes poetry, fiction and nonfiction, and is greatly excited by the democratising, empowering potential of author-publishing.

Connect with Orna on Twitter @OrnaRoss

Catch up on Past Events

If you missed our any of our past events you can watch the video or listen to the audio in the Round-up articles on this blog:

Joining ALLi

Interested in Joining ALLi? Besides being able to submit questions to this monthly Q&A, there's lots of other benefits for being an ALLi Member. Click this banner, to find out more.

ALLi Banner Reasons to Join us



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  1. In the upbeat ‘indie’ world it seems that the companies that do the publishing are rarely mentioned. My experience with three companies ranged from spectacularly inept to blatant lying. If any ambitious investigative writer is interested in this subject which seems ripe-for-the-taking, I would offer my very disappointing experiences.

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