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Why I Love Bookshops (#Authors4Bookstores)

Why I Love Bookshops (#Authors4Bookstores)

When launching ALLi's new #Authors4Bookstores campaign during IndieReCon, English historical novelist Piers Alexander captivated the audience with his nostalgic explanation about why he was so determined to launch his debut…

ALLi Campaign: Introducing #Authors4Bookstores

ALLi Campaign: Introducing #Authors4Bookstores

ALLi's newest campaign is to encourage indie authors and bricks-and-mortar booksellers to work together to mutual benefit. Full details will be rolled out over the coming months. As an overture…

Encore Month: Bookshop Distribution

Encore Month: Bookshop distribution

Like to get your books into bricks-and-mortar bookstores? It'll help if you understand the bookseller's objectives and viewpoint - and this extract from ALLi's guidebook about bookstores will quickly put you in the picture.
Advanced Self-Publishing Salon W/ Orna Ross & Joanna Penn August 2017

Advanced Self-Publishing Salon w/ Orna Ross & Joanna Penn August 2017

Each month Orna Ross and Joanna Penn join forces to bring you The Advanced Self-Publishing Salon, a live online broadcast where they discuss what’s going on in the publishing industry, and provide an update on the latest tools and techniques that are helping them achieve their writing and publishing goals.
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