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What Is Your Message: YEN OOI

What is your Message: YEN OOI

A crisp and precise description of your book can have a powerful effect on its audience. Getting this right has always been a struggle.

In this session, I explore why having a strong brand is important for you as a writer, how you can improve it, and what you can do with it.


Yen's Bio

Yen Ooi IndieReCon 2015Yen Ooi holds postgraduate degrees in English Literature and International Business, and a Bachelors degree in Commercial Music. Having enjoyed a vibrant career as project manager in music touring and education, Yen started writing in 2008 and is interested in creating exciting stories in speculative and science fiction.

In the last few years, Yen has worked as managing editor for an independent press and operations manager for a literary consultancy. She is now a freelance literary strategist and considers herself a creator, thinker and do-er.



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