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Welcome Keynote: Ali Cross and S.R. Johannes

Welcome to IndieReCon 2015!

Founders S.R. Johannes & Ali Cross welcome authors everywhere to IndieReCon.

We are so excited to have you all here for this spectacular year. As some of you know, this is the third year of IndieReCon. Last year, we had over 20,000 attendees and it  was important to us to continue giving great content FREE, so everyone can attend, no matter where they are.

This year, we wanted to extend beyond the U.S. and the UK to indie authors and writers everywhere. So, we partnered with the Alliance for Independent Authors (ALLi) to grow IndieReCon into a more global experience, one we hope will be bigger, more exciting and more interactive than ever this year.

We particularly want to thank Orna Ross and David Penny of ALLi and Miral Sattar of Bibliocrunch, our media sponsor, for tireless work in bringing this year’s conference to life.

And of course all the volunteers and sponsors, who donated the energy and prizes and money that allow us to keep the online conference free to all authors, everywhere — and the live conference free to ALLi members.

24-hour Agenda

With the help of ALLi and our global speakers, we have expanded our agenda to 24-hours (what!?). We feel this schedule gives all of our attendees a nice balance of live events as well as static ones. That way, you can get all the amazing content without being chained to your computer.

Another new event added was the London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Fest on Friday. It will be live-streamed on the IndieReCon site all day, so you can join in from anywhere around the world.

Prizes and Giveaways

Lots of our speakers have special giveaways that will run during their session so be sure and enter to win one of our awesome gifts (see the Events page). We also have a Kobo prize raffle at the end of the conference for anyone who registers: go to the registration page.

We are excited to hear all the wonderful presenters, some who are joining us for the first time. We’ve got Twitter chats, blogs, vlogs, live Google Hangouts and more.

Watch Anytime

Whether the sessions are live or not, they will continue to live on the home page of indierecon.org site for weeks to come. So if you oversleep, have to drive the kids to soccer, or have a hot date, you can catch up at your convenience.
All you have to do is check out the schedule for the next three days and decide what sessions you'd like to attend (Of course, we suggest them all!).
Then just visit the indierecon.org home page at the scheduled time.

Take A Break

In between events, you have a little time to get snacks, check email, take bathroom breaks, and brew some extra coffee to stay awake! (Trust us, you will need it!).

It's A Conference: Be Social!

To make this conference an interactive experience, we encourage you to engage our presenters in the comments and on Twitter—they’re all open to hearing from you and look forward to connecting with you!  If you have any questions during the event, please tweet us using hashtag #indierecon2015.

You can also post to our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/indiepubrecon. You can also post a question on the post directly. There will be a team of volunteers checking the comments for your questions.

Most of all, have fun! Keep your mind open and soak up all the information from the pros who do it right.
Together, indie publishing is a mission possible!
Shelli and Ali
@srjohannes @ali_cross


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