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Upcoming Facebook Changes That Will Affect Indie Authors

Upcoming Facebook Changes That Will Affect Indie Authors


Techcrunch gives us a sneak peek at what the new Facebook News Feed may look like.

According to Social Media maven Mari Smith, Facebook is about to make changes that will affect indie authors who use the social networking site to promote their books.

Facebook is holding a press conference on Thursday next. “Apparently,” says Smith, “it's to unveil an all-new News Feed for both mobile and desktop. Maybe with filtered streams other than Top Stories or Most Recent? There's also talk about the new single column Timeline rollout.”

“Facebook plans to launch new ways to filter the news feed. These include a Photos feed of Facebook and Instagram photos, as well as a revamped Music feed of what friends are listening to, concerts, and new albums, according to multiple sources both within and close to Facebook. Larger images and image-based ads in the web and mobile feeds are coming too,” says Techcrunch.

Graph Search – Fix Up Your Page

On Thursday Idea Sprouts posted about Facebook’s Graph Search  – 5 Must-Dos to Get Your Facebook Page Graph Search Ready .

From chatting to indie authors, I get a feeling that not many even know about Graph Search, although it was announced earlier this year.

Facebook Graph Search logo

Facebook Graph Search logo

It was supposed to excite users with thousands of ways to search for things related to our interests and friends. Allison Semancik at Idea Sprouts decided to give it a fair try and did the Facebook Tutorial and watched the video and found that she was beginning to become quite fascinated with Facebook Graph Search.

New Opportunities for Businesses

She says: “Since Graph Search does offer new opportunities for businesses, it's important that your Facebook Page is “Graph Search ready”. In this post, I will delve into the how businesses should be managing their Facebook Pages to reap the benefits of Graph Search.”

Well I’m going to do that right now. I guess some businesses will be more suited to this than others. Please tell us what your experiences are.

For more info about Graph Search go straight to the source at Facebook.


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