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TwitterChat: How Important Is A Cover For A Book?

TwitterChat: How important is a Cover for a Book?

headshot of Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis, ALLi Author Member and Twitter chat host

On the ALLi Twitter chat (#indieAuthorChat) this week we asked questions about How important is a Cover for a Book?

The Indie Author Twitter Chat runs for an hour, weekly on Wednesdays, at 8pm UK Time (3pm EST and noon Pacific Time). All you have to do to join in is follow the hashtag #IndieAuthorChat on Twitter.
The chats are a virtual meet-up for the self-publishing community on Twitter. If you're looking to connect with more people in our industry, joining The Indie Author Twitter Chat is the perfect way to start. Network with other authors and self-publishing professionals, learn new strategies and get answers to your most pressing questions from our guest experts.
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Author: Timothy Lewis

Tim Lewis is the host of the Begin Self Publishing Podcast www.beginselfpublishing.com and writes science-fiction and fantasy under the pen name Timothy Michael Lewis.


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  1. Ok, this is an informative piece of writing and since I am working with Logo Designer PK in Karachi, this can also be useful for my other fellows, as it contains valuable and informative content. Thanks for allowing us to read it.

  2. Mmm interesting – I have just received lovely cover design from my designer for up-coming book and she has so cleverly worked to make the current style (which I don’t like much, especially the typescript) into something which really suits and expresses the book. I’d go with those n the chat who said that although they themselves don’t get seduced first by the cover, when book-buying, they understand many readers do, and agreed with the “covers attract first” theory. We live in a very visual society. Covers are really important, and make a book stand out in a crowd.

  3. This seems to me to be a very ‘Physical’ book based set of answers.
    The comment “the cover is so cheesy I didn’t want to be seen reading it” applies to a physical book but nobody can see what you are reading with an e-book!

    Since I sell twenty to thirty e-books to each paperback … I need an image that says “buy me” at a size of between 130 x 220 pixels and 200 x 300 as they appear on the Amazon page. This means the cover image is important but many of the traditional features like reviewer quotes are reduced to clutter.

    In order to sell e-books it is very much
    1 Title
    2 Cover
    3 Blurb
    4 Content

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