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Seven New Trends In Digital Book Advertising For Authors: Mark Dawson

Seven New Trends In Digital Book Advertising for Authors: Mark Dawson

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Mark DawsonThere's more to digital advertising than Facebook ads.

Bestselling Author Mark Dawson and founder of The Self Publishing Formula discusses the latest trends in paid ads for authors with seven actionable tips you can put in place, right now.

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Mark has put together a series of short guidebooks that will take you through some of the critical areas that authors need master in order to do well in the modern marketplace. From guides to editing to simple introductions to some of the most powerful ways to advertise your books, there is something for everyone.

Mark Dawson


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  1. This has been fascinating to listen to (though, I’m afraid I was transported back 3+ decades to being lost in algebra class — math is far too visual for this presentation to be missing the calculations). I appreciate the guidance on various trends, especially AMS and BookBub, as I suspect most of us are the least experienced with digital ads outside of FB.

    I hope you’re already feeling better, Mark!

  2. This session really cries out for slides to show the calculations, charts, etc for the various platforms and calculations discussed. Very hard to follow with just audio. Doesn’t make me want to sign up for the courses.

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