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Writing: How to Find More Time to Write

How to find time to write by examining your current habits and building realistic plans that will be effectively within the particular context of your life and circumstances, by Open University Creative Writing tutor Dr Louise Tondeur.
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Writers Must Protect Their Time.

Authors: How To Protect Your Writing Time


Writers must protect their time.

Kelly McClymer counts the ways.

Writers, especially self-published writers, often feel like they need a time bodyguard. There are always other pesky things to do like raise children, make dinner, do laundry, work. When I first began to write, I dreamed of the day I'd get an advance big enough I could justify holing up in my office for a full day of uninterrupted writing time.

Despite a dozen published novels, that day never came. I chalked it up to my inability to snag that coveted seven figure advance, and kept on writing, working, cooking, and cleaning (well…talking about cleaning, at least).

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