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Online Safety Act

Self-Publishing News: UK Online Safety Act’s Impact on Content and ByteDance’s Challenge to US Legislation

So far this month, we have seen developments in two stories I’ve covered before that sit together under the heading, “Laying Down the Law for Tech Platforms.” I’ll start close to home here in the UK with the latest in the ongoing saga of the Online Safety Act. This is the UK’s legislation that seeks to protect vulnerable people, especially children, while they are online, by stopping them from encountering material that is “legal but harmful.” The recently implemented act required technology firms to take steps to ensure children were better protected online than adults.
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Gen Z Readers

What Will Authors Do to Find Gen Z Readers if They Can’t Use TikTok? The Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

In this episode of the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway explores the potential US ban on TikTok and its implications for Gen Z readers and authors who use BookTok for book marketing. Dan examines alternative platforms like Discord for author-reader connections, noting that they may not match TikTok's ability to foster new readers. This discussion is crucial given BookTok's substantial role in influencing book trends and revitalizing interest in physical books among younger readers.
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