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Scenic photo of Matera

Lessons from the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera

From the Women’s Fiction Festival held recently in Matera, Italy, Ricardo Fayet of ALLi partner member Reedsy reports encouraging news for self-publishing authors throughout Europe . United We Stand Unity and connection between authors has been widely discussed over the past few weeks. This is mainly the result of the much too commented Amazon vs […]

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Headshot of author Deb Vanasse

Publishing: What are the Benefits of Being a Hybrid Author?

Alaskan author Deb Vanasse shares her personal experience and learning curve of becoming a hybrid author, with books both self-published and traditionally published. Like Hugh Howey, she suspects being hybrid offers the best of both worlds.   “Say you keep the electronic rights,” my publisher said. “What are you going to do with them? I […]

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Road sign saying "Apocalypse ahead"

Opinion: Why 2020 Predictions Aren’t All Gloom and Doom

American novelist John Doppler embraces the apocalypse that some are predicting for the world of publishing and explains why indies needn’t be afraid… The end is nigh! Any day now, the world will be destroyed by nuclear war, magnetic pole reversal, financial collapse, mass coronal ejection, asteroid impact, a supervolcano, supervirus, or supernova…. At least, according to […]

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Cover of Opening Up To Indie Authors

Update: What’s Next for Opening Up to Indie Authors?

Every so often, we like to offer a quick recap on what’s happening with one of our major campaigns of the year: Opening Up to Indie Authors. Our campaign, which highlights the benefit of including self-published work to the wider world of books and shows indie authors how to approach these institutions, businesses and associations is […]

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Opinion: We Need to Talk About Content, Not Sales Figures

British indie author and journalist Catriona Troth provides a constructive riposte to the media’s often over-reductive response to self-published authors’ success. She also generously offers an excellent opportunity for all self-published authors to draw attention to the quality of other indie authors’ books. One of my recurring frustrations is that 95% of the media coverage […]

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Introducing Pubslush: An Online Seminar with Amanda Barbara

Crowd-funding is becoming an increasingly popular way to find financial backing for a project. So how does it work in the literary world? Join ALLi Director Orna Ross for a live Q&A session with Amanda Barbara, Vice President of the publishing-only crowd-funding platform Pubslush. She’ll explain Pubslush’s unique approach, how to join ALLi’s Community Page and how to get money upfront to fund your book.

Join on the day at:

Event starts at 7pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST

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