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Seven Tips to Mind Map a Novel

One of the fascinating parts of being a creative is that we all have different processes. Outlining and planning novels are no different. But when the conventional outline seems outdated, what's the best choice for planning and writing your novel? Sorina Storia, on behalf of partner member Mindomo, thinks the best alternative is to create a mind map. Sorina and Mindomo will show you the essential steps of how to mind map a novel and plan a great approach that works for you.
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Plot vs Character: Which Comes First?

There are a few fundamental debates in writing, plotting vs pantsing, indie route or traditional, wide or exclusive and today's debate: plot vs character. But ALLi author member Rachel McCollin has a different perspective. She believes there is no debate, the two are interchangeable. Here's why...
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What Control Really Means for Indie Authors

For an indie author, maintaining control over our work is often one of the reasons we choose to be and stay indie. We want control of our covers, our plots, our characters. And why not, it's our business. Author member JJ Toner explores what control really means for indie authors.
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