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OpenAI’s GPT-4o Demo Features Emotional Reading of a Love Story About Robots: The Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

On this week’s Self-Publishing News, Dan Holloway dives into OpenAI's recent demo of GPT-4o, a new iteration of their ChatGPT technology. The demo showcased impressive real-time processing capabilities and emotional storytelling, hinting at a future where AI-narrated audiobooks might rival human voice actors. Dan also touches on the concerns raised by the UK Publishers Association regarding copyright protection in the face of rapid AI advancements and critiques Apple’s latest iPad Pro advert for its misguided metaphor on creativity.
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Game Theory

Exploring OpenAI’s Game Theory Model for Fair Author Compensation: The Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

In this episode of the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway discusses a new proposal from OpenAI that introduces cooperative game theory to determine compensation for authors whose works help train AI. This approach aims to calculate the specific contributions of individual creators to AI outputs and allocate earnings accordingly, similar to determining the mix of colors in a paint blend. Dan examines the potential of this system to fairly reward creators and its computational feasibility in revolutionizing how authors are compensated for their contributions to AI.
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Lawsuit Against OpenAI

Self-publishing News: George R R Martin Among Latest Batch of Authors to Sue OpenAI

Last week, the Authors’ Guild filed a class action against the tech giant. What makes this lawsuit particularly significant is the number of high profile authors whose names are attached. The name most of the headlines focus their attention on is Song of Ice and Fire author George R R Martin. ALLi's Self-publishing News reports on this latest lawsuit against OpenAI. 
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Authors Vs. OpenAI

It’s Authors vs. OpenAI: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway and Howard Lovy

Today on the Self-Publishing News podcast: It's authors vs. OpenAI as lawsuits and petitions seek compensation for content scraped by ChatGPT. But, as News Editor Dan Holloway and News and Podcast Producer Howard Lovy report, the issue is not that simple. Also, USA Today relaunches its bestseller list, which is good news for indie authors. Howard and Dan discuss these and other stories making the news this month in indie publishing. 
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