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Put Yourself in the Running to win Kindle’s £20,000 Storyteller Prize: Darren Hardy, Rachel Abbott, Claire Allfree, Andrew Rosenheim

Storyteller is a new literary prize recognising newly published work in the English language across any genre. During this session Darren Hardy, Head of KDP UK, and some of the judges of the Storyteller Prize give guidance on how to make the most of programmes like KDP Select, how to print your books through KDP Print and how to to get your book noticed and put yourself in the running for this valuable award.
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Kathy Meis Indie Author Fringe Speaker

How To Position Your Book For Success Right From The Start: Kathy Meis

A positioning study establishes your creative intentions for your book, who you readers are, what books and authors are comparable, right down to details of book spec and price. It will also give you a working synopsis, category and keyword strings and more. Kathy Meis says such advance positioning is "foundational for success" and brings you step by step through setting up a positioning study for your own book.
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How to Write Short Stories & Use Them to Market Your Novel: James Scott Bell & Tim Lewis

For fiction writers pursuing a long-term career, the strategic use of short stories is proving to be a valuable tool for discoverability, honing craft, and bringing joy to the writing life. But what is the key to a successful short story? Tim Lewis interviews bestselling author James Scott Bell to reveal that key and show you how to use it to create memorable stories in any genre. James will also advise on the ways short fiction can be part of your fiction marketing plan.
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Joanna Penn

How To Reach More Readers And Make More Money From Your Books: Gabriel Mercer, Joanna Penn, Adam Croft

An audio session from the London Book Fair Author HQ. Joanna Penn focuses on how to think about each book as a potential for multiple streams of income, as you write and produce it. Gabriel tells how to track what is working and what's not, so as to choose publishing options that take most advantage of expanding global opportunities for your book(s). And Adam explains how developing a business mindset enabled him to become one of the biggest-selling self-published novelists in the world.
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Headshot Of Joseph Alexander

How to Dominate Your Non-Fiction Niche: Joseph Alexander

Joseph Alexander was a guitar teacher who published a "How-To", and then another. To date he has sold more than a million books. Joseph shares how he has used organic and direct promotion, together with email automation, to now make over $1200 a day from his guitar guides. This session covers the early stages of planning a book, through the writing process and building a mailing list, and the importance of strong branding and visibility.
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How To Find And Manage A Great Team of Beta Readers: Belinda Pollard

“I can’t find the right ones.” “They don’t respond in time.” “They don’t give me anything useful.” “They are too nice.” “They broke my heart.” Belinda Pollard has been a developmental editor for many years, and sees beta readers as the quiet superheroes of today’s publishing. Drawing from her experience of assembling an outstanding team, she outlines the challenges of finding and managing beta readers. You, too, can have a great team on your side. A practical session full of tips you can start using straight away.
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How to Nail your first 50 pages: Leila Dewji

As an author, you need to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Your opening chapters need to work the hardest, as they have to convince the reader to invest their time and money on the rest of your book. Whether they are just flicking through a few pages in a book store or have downloaded the first chapter for free on Kindle, it needs to leave them hooked and wanting more.
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The End: Now What? Six Steps to Take Your Fiction Manuscript to Marketplace In 6 Weeks: Stephen Spatz

Completing a novel is a big achievement, now you’ve got to turn your manuscript into a published book. With so many steps -- editing, design, eBook conversion and distribution-- first-authors are understandably intimidated. Steven Spatz, President of BookBaby outlines a simple, six-week strategy to help you create a book that will catch readers’ attention, get reviewers talking, and take you to the next level in your writing career.
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