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Campaigns and Collaboration: ALLi Campaigns Podcast with Orna Ross and Melissa Addey

Today on the ALLi Campaigns Podcast: Collaboration. The Alliance of Independent Authors runs certain core campaigns on an ongoing basis, as well as supporting other campaigns that reach out to us. A campaign doesn’t always have to be "yours" to be able to help. Collaboration is everything in campaign work, so here are some recent examples of how we are collaborating.
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The SelfPub3 Author Business Campaign: ALLi Campaigns Podcast with Orna Ross and Melissa Addey

This week Orna Ross and Campaigns Manager Melissa Addey discuss the second campaign in their roundup of ALLi's advocacy work: SelfPub3. This author business campaign aims to raise the average income for authors and poets through good publishing practices and lobbies and supports the literary and creative industries in providing more publishing skills support and education for authors. You can support this campaign by spreading the truth about self-publishing, and our research surveys and data roundups give you the facts you need to spread pride in being an indie author.
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