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Sunday Success Stories: How I Do It – With Gregg Michaelsen

Sunday Success Stories: How I Do It – with Gregg Michaelsen

photo of Gregg Michaelson

Meet Gregg Michaelsen, at the top of his game in dating advice books

Indie author Gregg Michaelsen‘s self-publishing success is in a very clearly defined genre – he RULES the dating advice genre, having sold a quarter million books!

He is a multiple #1 best-selling author, dating coach, and life coach, and says that being both gives him an incredible advantage with the people he touches. He helps women (and men) succeed in both their dating and everyday lives, and encourages his readers to contact him through his books and get answers for free.

Gregg’s motto: Build Yourself and He Will Come.

His generous spirit is at the root of his astonishing success, but he's also:

  • very goal-oriented
  • focussed
  • consistent

– all qualities that will stand any indie author in good stead – as our interview makes clear.


What’s your proudest achievement to date as an indie author?

Cover of Social TigressHelping women build their confidence and hearing their success stories! I take 30-50 emails per day through my books, from my readers, for free, and it never gets old.

What’s the single best decision you ever made?

Quitting the rat race to start pursuing my passion for writing and helping people and never looking back. This has made me a very happy man.

What’s been your biggest surprise as an indie author?

Hmm. My biggest surprise was the avalanche of sales that I made with my first book. I didn’t even have an editor! 250,000 sales later, I’m still in shock.

What’s your greatest challenge – and how do you deal with it?

Trying to help everyone is my greatest challenge.

Then, trying to convince women that if they would ONLY try my advice, that they could change their lives. It’s aggravating when women have the tools and the roadmap, but they just can’t get over the hump – if I could just be able to spend more time with them.

How do you get/stay in a creative mood?

  • Cover of 10 Secrets You Need to Know about MenI stop writing for a few days and I seek nature. Just a simple walk through the woods all alone can reinvigorate me!
  • I talk to my VA (virtual assistant) Kirbie. She and I bounce ideas back and forth. Some of my best writings have come from these talks!

How do you remain productive/motivated?

I set goals! Then, I reward myself for my achievements and reflect on what I can do better.

I do what I preach. If it doesn’t work for me then I can’t, in good conscience, tell others to do it. This makes for a great life coach.

What’s your favourite thing about being an author–publisher?

Seeing others accomplish their goals and being able to work from anywhere in the world.

What are your top tips for other ALLis?

cover of To Date A Man

  • Write 500-1000 words per day no matter what
  • Only write on subjects that you are passionate about
  • Never just write one book. Commit to a series and get them out there
  • Stop trying to be so perfect! You can always make your book better later
  • Listen to the pros. If they have proven success, then they are the pros. The others are just trying to take your money

What’s next for you?

My next book: Night Moves, The Science of Making Him Fall in Love.

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Author: Gregg Michaelsen

Gregg is a multiple #1 best-selling author, dating coach, and life coach who helps women (and men) succeed in both their dating and everyday lives.
When not answering emails from his readers, Gregg loves jet skiing, surfing, hanging out under the palm trees in West Palm, and catching up with his mom at 5 am. His Dad was a life coach, before they were even popular, and coached Gregg.
He just completed a video shoot with world renowned dating/relationship expert Dr. Helen Fisher in NYC. He credits his three older sisters as the reason why he understands women so well. He gives to The Wounded Warrior Project and animal shelters.
Gregg is currently working on his latest book that helps women truly understand men so they can acquire what they want by communicating in a language that men understand. Exciting stuff!
Visit Gregg at www.whoholdsthecardsnow.com/blog/.


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