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New Self-Publishing Facts And Figures Released

New Self-Publishing Facts and Figures Released

Following the world’s first independent and international survey of the incomes of self-published (“indie”) authors, commissioned by ALLi and presented at the London Book Fair in April 2023, which showed that self-published authors earn more than authors with traditional publishers, two further reports are now available, offering authors even more facts and figures on self-publishing so that they can make confident business choices.

In follow-up research sponsored by author education company Self-Publishing Formula, ALLi commissioned the UK Copyright & Creative Economy Centre, CREATe, to expand analysis of the findings, particularly in relation to key demographic groups and factors that contribute to higher incomes. Because CREATe also did the analysis for the ALCS author income survey, they were able to make relevant comparisons between the two data sets.

Self-Publishing Formula founder Mark Dawson said: “We wanted to show potential new writers that there are alternative ways to publish where it is possible – and perhaps easier – to make a good living.”

The new demographics insights not only pointed to various factors which would contribute to author success, but also showed that there was a reverse gender gap, with female self-published authors earning more than their male counterparts by 40.9%, almost the exact percentage usually found in traditional publishing, where men outearn women by 41.4%. It was also heartening, especially in Pride month, to note that LGBTQIA+ authors were doing very well in self-publishing, out-earning heterosexual authors by 19%.

Meanwhile, the third report created this year was also showcased by ALLi Director Orna Ross at the Self-Publishing Show. ALLi has compiled a collection of key insights from several peer self-publishing organizations to produce a substantial set of data: the Big Indie Author Data Drop. The report, the first of its kind, carries highlights of surveys done in 2022 and 2023 by ALLi, the Self-Publishing Formula, Draft2Digital, Written Word Media, K-Lytics, Kingston University, Amazon and 20Booksto50K, as well as additional data from other sources, to give a big picture of where self-publishing is today. 

“We think the Big Indie Author Data Drop will really change perceptions about self-publishing and be a valuable resource to all indie authors,” says Orna Ross.

Did you know that?

  1. Both direct sales and sales from libraries in the US are growing.
  2. Successful self-published authors are not ‘agreeable'… and that's a good thing!
  3. 75% of book sales were part of a series (fiction and non-fiction).

To download and read all three reports, just go to ALLi's new Self-Publishing Facts and Figures page here.

The page will be kept up to date with the very latest facts and figures relating to self-publishing, with the Big Indie Author Data Drop being updated with new material annually and the Indie Author Income Survey repeated every two years.

Author: Melissa Addey

Author Melissa Addey mainly writes historical fiction, her PhD in Creative Writing explored the importance of fiction as well as fact in the genre. She’s been the Leverhulme Trust Writer in Residence for the British Library where she still runs workshops for writers and other creatives who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills.


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