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Publishing Platforms By Robin Cutler

Publishing Platforms by Robin Cutler

The Three Steps to Success

Three Steps to Self Publishing Success at IndieReCon

Step 1: Organize What You Have

Step 1 to self-publishing Success at IndieReConThe first step will make you feel good, really good. I don’t care if you have a binder stuffed with hand-written recipes inked onto napkins and soiled notebook papers. You just need to find your niche, and if you have been doing something for long enough, you already know what that will be. Collect your information and get organized.

If you are turning your blog into a book, break the manuscript into sections based on topics, or maybe rearrange it chronologically. For example, recipes could be split by dish type, and knitting projects perhaps by difficulty. Maybe you are a children’s illustrator and you have two-dozen drawings of the same animal friends playing together. What are the stories behind these two critters wild adventures?

Step 2: Determine What Fresh Materials to Use

Step 2 to self-publishing Success at IndieReConThis step is especially crucial for those who have featured content on a website or with friends that are already familiar with your work. For instance a local artist might want to include new pieces no one has ever seen before.

A blogger converting their web space into a book should also include a whole mess of new stories that will never be published online. If you already have a fan base, they will want to see fresh, exclusive content.

Step 3: Do What You Have Been Doing All Along

Step 3 to self-publishing Success at IndieReConWrite the rest. Yep, it is that simple—sit down when you have some quiet time and write. Use caution when revising and rewriting, as transposed content is often riddled with content and continuity issues. Consider what will make this project or how-to guide a step better than the one you read last week. What will keep people turning the pages? Does your book provide enough content that can be referenced by readers?

After filling out the pages, compare your manuscript to others of its type and get some feedback. We know it is scary, but eventually, you will have to show your book to someone. You might be surprised to see how the creativity gleaned from your brain looks on paper and don’t be discouraged if it stacks too high. Embrace your sense of accomplishment.

The 4 Most Lucrative Genres in E-Book Publishing

Though all e-books are equal in format, they are not all equal in value. What people tend to read on their devices is very genre-specific, with certain genres offering much bigger returns to online readers and e-book authors alike. Listed here are a few of the top selling e-book genres—some are obvious and some may surprise you.

1. Thrillers and Mysteries

With their gritty detectives and easy, page-turning hooks few genres are as compelling as mystery novels. Many writers find success slowly building labyrinths of twists and turns that ultimately compel readers through to climatic, jaw-dropping conclusions. This has proven to be a very lucrative genre.

2. Self-Help/Financial Planning

For many people, making, saving, and spending money wisely is an important, but often mystifying topic. In this sense financial writers can benefit greatly from the e-book format. The technology behind e-books allows financial experts to solidify their claims by connecting the reader to verified information that can help further explain and clarify complex financial concepts.

Thanks to a world of information at our fingertips, e-book technology has benefits for the traditionally trained and do-it-yourselfers alike. Wellness experts, personal trainers, spiritual guides, and self-help specialists all share in the advantages of e-books. Why?

While the layouts and formatting of print can place restrictions on information, digitized books are able to offer a wider range of content for subject matters that require more secondary sources.

3. Books for Your Heart and Soul

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people enjoy having easy access to books that offer guidance and encouragement to leading more fulfilling lives. As the world around us quickens the continued search for life’s answers becomes more difficult to pursue, and time is hardly ever on our side.

Whether seeking inspiration for overcoming everyday challenges, a beginners guide to yoga, or a daily devotional, there is a high-demand for e-books that positively impact people’s lives in an outwardly and inwardly way. Now, more than ever before, it is that much simpler to access whatever roadmap a person may need to navigate any obstacles that life throws in their way.

4.  Guidebooks

Think about how marketable the “For Dummies” series has been, or the popularity of the television show, This Old House. Guidebooks represent the perfect genre for writers who are not writers, a way for crafty and skilled people to earn some money sharing their knowledge and expertise with others.

Whether it is plumbing or skeet shooting or taxidermy or underwater basket weaving, you will find a market for those looking to learn. Throw in a few colorful examples, links to videos, and instructional diagrams and you will find yourself with a strong following before you can say handsaw.

And of course we can’t forget about our few guilty pleasures—the books we want to read, but might not proudly display on our living room bookshelf. For instance, for the fanboy/girl in all of us, e-books are a great alternative to hiding a comic behind War and Peace.

And don’t worry about trying to fit your entire hand over the bronzed and chiseled, shirtless farmhand with the flowing locks of flaxen hair gracing the cover of your latest literary fling. The only thing that will make you blush is on the pages.


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Robin Cutler Author Bio

Robin Cutler bioRobin is committed to helping independent publishers easily get their content into the hands of readers around the globe.

To help make this happen, Robin Cutler led the development of IngramSpark and continues to support and refine the platform to better serve independent publishers around the world.


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