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Planning Successful Social Media Campaigns: KATHY MEIS

Planning Successful Social Media Campaigns: KATHY MEIS

Social Media Campaigns

Just as publishing has been transformed in recent years by the emergence of digital, so has marketing been dramatically altered by the advent of social media.

Social marketing presents immense opportunity for authors and publishers who want to reach and engage new audiences. All too often, however, a lack of strategy, tools and proper measurement lead to frustration and poor ROI. This session will show authors how to lay the foundations for successful social marketing campaigns.

Video Broadcast of Planning Successful Social Marketing Campaigns

Kathy Meis Bio — Bublish

Kathy Meis is founder of Bublish, a comprehensive marketing solution that helps authors build their brand, reach their readers and track audience engagement.

She is a professional writer, editor, ghostwriter and editorial manager with more than twenty years of experience in the media and publishing industries.

Kathy is a founding editor of Forbes MediaCritic and a founding partner of PubSmart, a new author-centric publishing conference held in Charleston, South Carolina.

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