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How To Be A Part-time Author And Get Full-time Results: Jay Artale And Michael La Ronn

How to be a part-time author and get full-time results: Jay Artale and Michael La Ronn


michael-la-ronn-black-and-whiteJay ArtaleAre you an author stuck working a 9-5? In this session for beginning authors, Michael and Jay will show you how you can thrive as a part-time author, even if you have a full-time job. In this info-packed session, you’ll learn how to create writing systems that produce consistent words day after day, the right tools to make the most of your limited time, and how to develop a support system to keep you going in the hard times. Even if you only have just a few minutes a day to write your next novel, you’ll walk away from this session with the strategies to help you write better, write faster, and build the foundation for your self-publishing business in record time.

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An ebook copy of “Freewriting for Travel Writers: How to use a creative freewriting technique to improve your travel writing“. Jay’s book introduces you to the concept and approach for freewriting, so that you can put it into practice straight away. Learn when to use it and how to overcome the challenges travel writers face.

Jay Artale


Michael is giving away one (1) free ebook copy of his space opera book, Honor’s Reserve. Michael wrote this book while working a full-time job, pursuing a graduate education, and raising a toddler! A satisfying part-time career as a writer is possible when you dedicate yourself to it. Escape into this rich space opera series, and then go write your next book!

Michael La Ronn


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