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Our New Rights Partnership With TMA – And Why You Should Join ALLi

Our new rights partnership with TMA – and why you should join ALLi


Toby Mundy (image copyright Hugh Nutt)

Those of you who keep an eye on the publishing press will have seen the  news that ALLi is once again breaking new ground, in taking on a literary agent to help  eligible members sell subsidiary rights. It’s our final move in a year that has seen us launch a number of campaigns, services and member benefits.

We’re delighted to be working with Toby Mundy, who is an agent with an exceptional grasp of the way in which we who have self published one or more books are changing the entire publishing landscape.

“It is author-publishers who are driving much of the growth in the publishing industry and many of them are the stars of the future,” he said recently. His is a young and nimble agency but associated with the deep experience of Ed Victor Ltd., a legend in literary circles.  We believe this gives TMA the drive and verve to make it the perfect rights partner for ALLi, to help eligible members extend their readership and the reach of their books.

And Toby is very excited to be working with our members too. “ALLi's members are incredibly hard-working and creative,” he said, “and many have achieved astonishing sales of their work in English. It is very exciting that TMA, working closely with our associates at Ed Victor Ltd, will enable these writers to licence their subsidiary rights.”

Full details of eligibility, how Toby will work with ALLi members and how to submit  can be found in the member zone on the main ALLi website.

Alliance of Independent Authors

Isn't it time you joined ALLi?

Isn't it Time You Joined The Alliance of Independent Authors?

Once a year, we invite followers of this blog who haven’t yet joined ALLi to become part of our alliance —  or to purchase a membership for an author friend.

Our members have enabled us to accomplish so much in the past year and to establish ourselves as the best association for writers who self-publish.

Here’s a selection of ten great services and benefits we are now able to offer to indie authors:

    1. A searchable ‘Find An Indie Author’ database and weekly online members’ showcase, telling the world about our members’ books.
    2. Free monthly online education events, including our “ALLi Insights” monthly advice seminar and our monthly Q&A with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn, answering your questions live.
    3. Rating of Author Services globally and our book, Choosing A Self-Publishing Service by our Watchdog Jim Giammatteo.
    4. Code of Standards and our Ethical Author campaign
    5. Rights & Contracts Advice.
    6. Contacts with author-publishing services, like Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Pubmatch, Author Marketing Club and ambassadors in eight publishing territories across the world, so we can cross connect
    7. A major upgrade to our website and expansion of our membership zone that offers free ebooks and articles from our advisors and friends, including Mark Coker, Joel Friedlander, Jane Friedman, David Gaughran, Joanna Penn, Mark McGuinness and more.
    8. Multiple ways to connect with, and learn from, other members and our advisor and ambassador teams
    9. great discounts and deals from our vetted and trustworthy Partner Members
    10. Contacts with trade publishers, agents and industry insiders, including a presence at major book events like London Book Fair, Book Expo America and Frankfurt Bookfair. And now a dedicated literary agent for translation rights.

We have more than 100 testimonials to the value of ALLi membership on this blog.  Here’s a selection from our main website: What Our Members Say

If you haven’t joined us yet, isn’t it time you did?

And wouldn’t a membership make the perfect gift for your author friends?


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