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Newsflash About Our 2017 ALLi Events

Newsflash about our 2017 ALLi events

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Communication Manager Jay Artale provides you with a roundup of some upcoming changes to ALLi regular events. In 2017, ALLi will continue to deliver indie author advice that is relevant no matter where you are in your indie author journey.

The events are designed to help you develop as an author and also provide you with the inspiration and information you need to publish well and run your own indie author business.

New Year, New Format

What better way to start the new year than shaking things up, and doing things a little differently!

The Alliance of Independent Authors has grown dramatically since its inception in 2014, and now our membership base comprises of writers at different ends of the the author-experience spectrum. This includes writers who are just starting their self-publishing journey and those who have already established their author brand, plus everyone else in-between.

In recognition of this breath of experience and level of expertise, we're targeting our monthly Ask ALLi event at beginning authors, and are launching a brand new Self-Publishing Salon aimed at more experienced authors.

Ask ALLi with Orna Ross + a monthly Special Guest

Ask ALLi Event Square Logo with PenALLi Members can submit their self-publishing and indie author questions via a Google spreadsheet, and ALLi Director, Orna Ross, and guest will respond to them in our monthly “Ask ALLi” broadcast.

This event features a different guest each month, and the same assurances continue: ALLi commits to answering all questions posed by ALLi members (check out also our fantastic forum).

But what if you're not a ALLi member?

You won't be able to submit a question, but you will be able to watch the broadcast live on You Tube, and watch and listen to it after the event via our YouTube or one of our Podcast channels.

Our first Ask ALLi of 2017 will feature Joel Friedlander, and will broadcast live on February 14th at 8pm GMT. 

Submit your Member Question


Joel FriedlanderJoel has used his background in book design, advertising, and graphic design to build The Book Designer website into one of the go-to self-publishing resource sites for indie authors. He shares self-publishing tips to help authors make informed decisions.

Since 2011 he has been hosting a monthly ebook cover design award. As well as choosing a winner each month, he recognizes effective design and comments on what elements don't work. He also takes the time to provide individual feedback on every cover submissions he receives, and authors can learn a lot about effective cover design by just reviewing these monthly entries and their feedback.

Those familiar with our monthly “Ask ALLi” know that this has event historically been hosted by Orna and Joanna Penn, but Joanna is relinquishing her seat to a broad spectrum of guest speakers. Yes we'll miss her, but fear not. Orna and Joanna are launching an exciting new ALLi event together.

Self-Publishing Salon with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

Orna Ross and Joanna Penn Self-Publishing Salon In this monthly Self-Publishing Salon, Orna and Joanna are partnering to discuss their writing and publishing projects, and bring you all the latest tools and trends for indie authors.

Even though this Salon is primarily aimed at more experienced authors, there will still be takeaways and knowledge sharing that is relevant to all indie authors. But if you haven't self-published yet or only have one book to your name, some of the strategies they discuss may not be relevant.

Our first Self-Publishing Salon of 2017 will be held on January 24th at 8pm GMT. 

Indie Author Fringe

You'll be pleased to know that we're also hosting our three Indie Author Fringe events again this year.

These online events are run by authors for authors, and it’s all free!

  • Our next London Book Fair Fringe is on Saturday March 18th 2017 and will be about writing and producing your book(s)
  • Our next Book Expo America Fringe is on Saturday June 3rd 2107 and will be about marketing and promoting your book(s)
  • Our next Frankfurt Book Fair Fringe is on Saturday October 14th 2017 and will be about running your indie author business and selling your publishing rights.

If you haven't already signed up for Indie Author Fringe updates, you can do it here.


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