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New Releases, Award Nominations And More: ALLi Member Milestones May 2024

New Releases, Award Nominations and More: ALLi Member Milestones May 2024

This regular post from the Alliance of Independent Authors celebrates successes big and small from across our members as inspiration for all our indie author community. This month, our Member Milestones for May 2024 celebrates the successes of Author members Catherine Butterfield, A. R. Milton and William Brinkman.

A big congratulations to those featured in this month's roundup and to all in our community who have hit a milestone this month!

Do you have a member milestone to share? 

We are always looking to hear from our members about your achievements; from those of you who are just setting out, to our most experienced Authorpreneurs. Whatever your achievement, if you are a member of ALLi, please tell us about your success stories using this form. We will share a selection each month with our members and our wider indie author network.

Catherine Butterfield colour photo

Catherine Butterfield

Author Member: Catherine Butterfield

Catherine is the author of ten published plays and has written extensively for television and film. Her first novel, The Serpent and the Rose, is a Historical Fiction about Marguerite de Valois and her relationship with her Machiavellian mother, Catherine de Medici. You can find out more about Catherine in her Facebook Group.

Member Milestone: 

I have narrated the audiobook for The Serpent and the Rose and it has now been released. This feels like the completion of my self-assigned task of erasing all the bad press about Marguerite over the years and rectifying her reputation.

What have you learned?

That tasks that seem too daunting to undertake are not, if you do it step by step and don’t look back.

William Brinkman B/W image

William Brinkman

Author Member: William Brinkman

William Brinkman is an Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi author who loves to set his stories in suburban Chicagoland. You can follow William on Instagram: @bolingbrookbabbler or on TikTok: @williambrinkmanbb

Member Milestone:

My book, A Fire in the Shadows: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story, is nominated for two Indieverse Awards: Best Novella and Best Voice Actor. This is my first book to be nominated for any awards.

What have you learned?

I learned that sometimes taking creative risks can have positive results. In this case, my first award nominations.

A. R. Milton

A. R. Milton

Author Member: A.R. Milton

A.R. Milton is a Navy veteran who loves telling stories. Find out more about A. R. Milton on his author website.

Member Milestone:

I received a five star review for my first Spiritual-Sci Fi book Axiom: A Cardinal-Wood Story from Readersfavorite.com while in the pre-order phase of my upcoming release which is set for May 29 2024. As a debut Author, receiving a professional five Star review is amazing confidence booster as I plan to take more steps in this profession.

What have you learned?

Hard work pays off.

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