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New ALLi Advisor: Hannah Jacobson, Awards & Story Marketing

New ALLi Advisor: Hannah Jacobson, Awards & Story Marketing

ALLi is excited to announce the newest addition to our advisory board: Hannah Jacobson, Awards & Story Marketing Advisor. We're going to tell you a little bit more about Hannah and the role and work she will be undertaking.

Hannah Jacobson, Book Award Pro

Hannah is the founder of Book Award Pro, the company that makes it easy for authors find and submit to book awards. For many years, book awards have been the focus of Hannah's career: not only tracking and researching awards, but also helping authors use awards to build a cohesive and engaging brand story.

Book Award Pro has been a trusted ALLi Partner Member since 2020. Hannah is a contributor to the ALLi Book Prizes & Awards for Indie Authors guidebook, as well as to the Ultimate Guide to Winning Book Awards.

“Over the years, Orna [Ross] and I connected over our mutual interest in book awards and what they can mean for indie authors,” says Hannah.

“Sometimes there are obstacles that prevent indies from entering awards…and we want to remove those barriers as much as possible. The sky is the limit for indie authors.”

Book Award Pro is the industry expert on awards, researching and monitoring legitimate awards. Every year, authors spanning 6 continents win thousands of new awards using Book Award Pro.

As the company's founder, Hannah's expertise has been recognized as the leading voice in book awards and author advocacy.

Progress for ALLi: What's Ahead in Book Awards

In her new advisory role at ALLi, Hannah brings her awards and story marketing expertise to help indie authors thrive in the world of book awards.

Awards Page Updates

The ALLi Awards Ratings page will receive additional support and information, based on real knowledge and experience from Book Award Pro. You can also expect timely reporting on awards industry trends, news, and changes.

Book Award Scam News

Hannah will also contribute information on book award scams, reporting them as they happen. This furthers ALLi's position of staying ahead of the industry and reporting crucial information to authors.

Navigating Awards for Indie Authors

Additionally, Hannah will use the expertise of Book Award Pro to open award possibilities for indie authors. While many awards openly accept indie books, there are programs whose restrictions are prohibitive for self-published and independently-published works.

This long-term project will carve the path for indie authors to be equally considered in more awards around the world.

A Bright Future for Indie Authors

Indie authors are at the forefront of a book awards revolution. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting details to come. Welcome to the ALLi Advisory Board, Hannah!

First scam report

Spoofing Scam: IndieReader Discovery Awards

Did you recently receive an unsolicited email claiming to be from the IndieReader Discovery Awards? You might have gotten a spoofed scam invitation, and we urge you not to click on any links in that message.

The email linked to a false entry form, directing authors to pay the scammer instead of the legitimate award.

To be clear, the IndieReader Discovery Book Awards is a real, legitimate organization. The email in question is spoofed by a scammer who is trying to impersonate the program.

Tip: Always be wary of out-of-the-blue “invitations,” no matter what services are being offered (award, reviews, publication, etc.).

We applaud the legitimate IndieReader organization for their quick response to the spoofing and helping spread the word to authors. Award scams give the industry a bad name, and legitimate companies work hard for their good reputation.

Did you receive this unsolicited, spoofed email? Be sure to report your experience to the ALLi Watchdog Desk.


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