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ALLi Member Milestones November 2023: Toni Cabell, Julie Day, Sally Jean-Fox

ALLi Member Milestones November 2023: Toni Cabell, Julie Day, Sally Jean-Fox

Welcome back to member milestones! This regular post from the Alliance of Independent Authors celebrates indie author success stories from across our members. A big congratulations to those featured today and any of our members who have achieved a milestone this past month!

Do you have a milestone to share? 

We are always looking to hear from our members about your achievements; from those of you who are just setting out, to our most experienced Authorpreneurs. We celebrate every success on our member's author journeys, and we are particularly keen to hear about unusual or significant milestones that can inspire our indie author community. 

Whatever your achievement, tell us using this form. We will share a selection of stories each month. Please note that entries are posted as submitted on the form, so please submit the information in a way you'd like shared. Stories may not be posted in the month they are submitted, depending on how many stories we have received.

Photo of Toni Cabell

Toni Cabell

Author Member: Toni Cabell

An award-winning fantasy author, Toni writes the “perfect coming-of-age tale with a magical twist.” (Indies Today) Her books feature strong female protagonists, page-turning plots, and relatable characters that spring off the page. You can follow Toni on Twitter or Instagram.


My novel, LADY REAPER, was selected as the Best Young Adult book in August 2023 by the readers and editors at Manybooks.net. With so many YA fantasy books available today, I'm thrilled readers discovered LADY REAPER and loved it!

What have you learned?

Pursue your writing and publishing goals with persistence and passion—and don't let anyone else's standard of success define yours. As an indie author, YOU are in the driver's seat… so face forward and KEEP ON DRIVING!

Julie Day Member Milestones

Julie Day

Author Member: Julie Day

I write magical realism for adults and children, including autistic children. I also write short stories and fillers. You can follow me on Instagram.


I did my first story time reading at a library with my first picture book. I have Aspergers, so reading out loud to people can be hard. I even found it hard introducing myself at writing meetings.

What have you learned?

You don't know what you can do until you try. It is also a good idea to have a toy prop with you.

Sally Jean-Fox

Sally Jean-Fox

Author Member: Sally Jean-Fox

Sally Jean-Fox is a former organizational consultant turned writer, artist, and coach, living on a small island near Seattle. Author of the memoir Meeting the Muse After Midlife and writer for 3rd Act Magazine.


My memoir has been published, after a successful fund-raising campaign and working with an ALLi endorsed publishing service. Advanced reviews and endorsements are strong. I'm proud because it's my first book, and I let it become a memoir, even though I initially told myself I'd stick to self-help. It may help others who want to create in their third act of life.

What have you learned?

Book writing takes the time it takes — and a lot of it. Crowdsourcing (or in my case friend-funding) has been a great way to build community as well as raise money.

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